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[SW Deck] Dash versus The Death Star

Rebel Alliance Smugglers and Spies Aggro

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Rebel Alliance (Core Rebel Alliance)

Total Objective Sets: 10

2x The Defense of Yavin 4 (8-1)

Red Two (8-2)
Y-Wing (8-3)
Astromech Droid Upgrade (8-4)
Hidden Outpost (8-5)
Rebel Assault (8-6)

1x Mobilize the Squadrons (13-1)

X-Wing (13-2)
Rookie Pilot (13-3)
Trench Run (13-4)
Rebel Assault (13-5)
Covering Fire (13-6)

1x Prepare for Evacuation (49-1)

Renegade Squadron Escort (49-2)
Renegade Squadron Escort (49-3)
Action-series Bulk Transport (49-4)
Ion Cannon Burst (49-5)
Battle of Hoth (49-6)

2x Raise the Stakes (70-1)

Blockade Runner (70-2)
Cloud City Operative (70-3)
Bothan Spy (70-4)
Smuggling Compartment (70-5)
Swindled (70-6)

2x Across the Anoat Sector (74-1)

Sleuth Scout (74-2)
Sleuth Scout (74-3)
Undercover Operative (74-4)
Smuggler's Run (74-5)
Over My Dead Body (74-6)

2x Against All Odds (103-1)

Dash Rendar (103-2)
Shifty Lookout (103-3)
Holding All the Cards (103-4)
Holding All the Cards (103-5)
Target of Opportunity (103-6)

Standard Sleuth shenanigans but with the option of trench run

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Although I like the idea of Dash instantly blowing up the Death Star, I'm not sure if that's better than, for example, Han's pod for more Swindled or Falcon for another Cloud City Operative and Bamboozle.

I like it anyway.

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