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[SW Deck] Imperial Navy/Sith

Sith Imperial Navy Experimental

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Sith (Core Sith)

Total Objective Sets: 10

1x Fall of the Jedi (19-1)

Darth Vader (19-2)
Dark Side Apprentice (19-3)
Vader's Lightsaber (19-4)
Force Choke (19-5)
Heat of Battle (19-6)

1x Black Squadron Assault (21-1)

Vader's TIE Advanced (21-2)
TIE Advanced (21-3)
Black Squadron Pilot (21-4)
I'm On the Leader (21-5)
Target of Opportunity (21-6)

1x The Heart of the Empire (22-1)

Coruscant Defense Fleet (22-2)
Kuati Security Team (22-3)
Sith Library (22-4)
Force Stasis (22-5)
There Is No Escape (22-6)

1x Imperial Command (26-1)

Admiral Motti (26-2)
Duty Officer (26-3)
Heavy Stormtrooper Squad (26-4)
Heavy Stormtrooper Squad (26-5)
Orbital Bombardment (26-6)

1x Kuat Reinforcements (27-1)

"Backstabber" (27-2)
TIE Fighter (27-3)
TIE Bomber (27-4)
Tallon Roll (27-5)
Death from Above (27-6)

1x Defense Protocol (30-1)

TIE Attack Squadron (30-2)
TIE Fighter (30-3)
Tallon Roll (30-4)
Death from Above (30-5)
Twist of Fate (30-6)

1x The Endor Gambit (31-1)

AT-ST Commander (31-2)
AT-ST (31-3)
AT-ST (31-4)
Aft Armor Plating (31-5)
Target of Opportunity (31-6)

2x Deploy the Fleet (46-1)

Death Squadron Star Destroyer (46-2)
Death Squadron Star Destroyer (46-3)
Fleet Navigator (46-4)
Death Squadron Command (46-5)
Admiral's Orders (46-6)

1x Imperial Blockade (88-1)

Captain Needa (88-2)
Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (88-3)
Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (88-4)
Apology Accepted (88-5)
Tractor Beam (88-6)

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Is there any particular reason that there are so many 1x sets in this deck? You're going to have problems with consistency in drawing what you need and your synergies will be very diluted.  Do you have 2x Core Set? If not, that should be your first priority. 


That said, if you're just playing casually, there's still some things you can change to improve this deck.


Fall of the Jedi is very out of place in a vehicle deck with not many powerful events.  That should be the first to go.  Vast Resources would be a good replacement if you don't have another Core Set.  If you do have another Core Set, then an extra copy of Black Squadron would be nice. 



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Probably only 1 core set.

Assuming that, and not knowing which Force Packs you have, I'd recommend to drop the Sith pods and play The Ultimate Power, Death and Despayre and Recon Mission instead.

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