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[SW Deck] Tricky Rebels

Rebel Alliance Combo Fun

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Rebel Alliance (Core Rebel Alliance)

Total Objective Sets: 10

2x Fleeing the Empire (10-1)

Leia Organa (10-2)
Fleet Officer (10-3)
Stolen Plans (10-4)
You're My Only Hope (10-5)
Twist of Fate (10-6)

2x Decoy at Dantooine (14-1)

Wookiee Navigator (14-2)
Rebel Trooper (14-3)
False Lead (14-4)
Fall Back! (14-5)
A New Hope (14-6)

2x Evacuation Procedure (65-1)

Han Solo (65-2)
Toryn Farr (65-3)
Bright Hope (65-4)
Buried Outpost (65-5)
Battle of Hoth (65-6)

2x Forward Reconnaissance (98-1)

Jan Ors (98-2)
Intel Operative (98-3)
Intel Operative (98-4)
Safe House (98-5)
Twist of Fate (98-6)

2x Behind Enemy Lines (113-1)

Winter (113-2)
Tactical Genius (113-3)
Observation Point (113-4)
Hidden Outpost (113-5)
Infiltration (113-6)

The primary idea behind the deck is to move your own units from your hand into play, then back again. The strength of this deck comes from both the cards that buff from units leaving play, and from your ability to shake any conditions your opponent may have imposed on you when the unit returns to your hand. It also offers the benefit of having cards come back to your hand that you can use later, for either another engagement or even your following turn.

Click here to view the deck

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