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[SW Deck] Regionals 14 LS deck

Smugglers and Spies

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Smugglers and Spies (Core Smugglers and Spies)

Total Objective Sets: 10

2x The Defense of Yavin 4 (8-1)

Red Two (8-2)
Y-Wing (8-3)
Astromech Droid Upgrade (8-4)
Hidden Outpost (8-5)
Rebel Assault (8-6)

2x The Rebel Fleet (11-1)

Home One (11-2)
Y-Wing (11-3)
Repair Droid (11-4)
Hidden Outpost (11-5)
Target of Opportunity (11-6)

1x Draw Their Fire (12-1)

Admiral Ackbar (12-2)
X-Wing Escort (12-3)
X-Wing (12-4)
Fleet Command Center (12-5)
Heroic Sacrifice (12-6)

2x Renegade Squadron Mobilization (44-1)

Renegade Squadron (44-2)
Renegade Squadron Operative (44-3)
Munitions Expert (44-4)
Echo Caverns (44-5)
Target of Opportunity (44-6)

1x Forward Reconnaissance (98-1)

Jan Ors (98-2)
Intel Operative (98-3)
Intel Operative (98-4)
Safe House (98-5)
Twist of Fate (98-6)

2x Against All Odds (103-1)

Dash Rendar (103-2)
Shifty Lookout (103-3)
Holding All the Cards (103-4)
Holding All the Cards (103-5)
Target of Opportunity (103-6)

A real rush deck. You can destroy stuff fast and usually need to. It included Akbar and Jan Ors for some unexpected combos and recursion.

Click here to view the deck

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