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[SW Deck] Big Ship

Imperial Navy Aggro Theme

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Imperial Navy (Core Imperial Navy)

Total Objective Sets: 10

2x Imperial Command (26-1)

Admiral Motti (26-2)
Duty Officer (26-3)
Heavy Stormtrooper Squad (26-4)
Heavy Stormtrooper Squad (26-5)
Orbital Bombardment (26-6)

2x Death and Despayre (29-1)

Devastator (29-2)
Imperial Officer (29-3)
Control Room (29-4)
Defense Upgrade (29-5)
Heat of Battle (29-6)

2x Deploy the Fleet (46-1)

Death Squadron Star Destroyer (46-2)
Death Squadron Star Destroyer (46-3)
Fleet Navigator (46-4)
Death Squadron Command (46-5)
Admiral's Orders (46-6)

1x Imperial Blockade (88-1)

Captain Needa (88-2)
Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (88-3)
Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (88-4)
Apology Accepted (88-5)
Tractor Beam (88-6)

1x Repair and Refurbish (95-1)

Thunderflare (95-2)
Logistics Officer (95-3)
Logistics Officer (95-4)
Weapons Upgrade (95-5)
Supporting Fire (95-6)

2x Victory or Death (105-1)

Victory-class Star Destroyer (105-2)
Victory-class Star Destroyer (105-3)
Political Reliability Observer (105-4)
Control Room (105-5)
Echoes of the Force (105-6)

Obviously, the goal of this deck is to set up all the resources necessary to play as many big ships as possible. It hits fast and hard, capable of ping two Capital ships on turn one, while still maintaining enough of a defensive posture to keep your opponent from taking the fight to you.

It has Force control, shields for your objectives, enough Force icons to win any edge battle, and more than enough BD to conquer any objective. Coupled with an outrageous speed and ability to ramp the dial, this deck has left more than a few LS decks as smoldering rubble.

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I'm impressed. Very solid deck, i think i will try it when i'll have the cards

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