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[SW Deck] Leia Direct Damage Control

Jedi Rebel Alliance

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Rebel Alliance (Core Rebel Alliance)

Total Objective Sets: 10

2x A Hero's Journey (1-1)

Luke Skywalker (1-2)
Twi'lek Loyalist (1-3)
Jedi Lightsaber (1-4)
Trust Your Feelings (1-5)
Dagobah Training Grounds (1-6)

2x The Secret of Yavin 4 (5-1)

C-3PO (5-2)
Guardian of Peace (5-3)
Guardian of Peace (5-4)
Lightsaber Deflection (5-5)
Twist of Fate (5-6)

2x Mission Briefing (9-1)

Mon Mothma (9-2)
Battlefield Engineers (9-3)
A-Wing (9-4)
Heavy Blaster Emplacement (9-5)
Heat of Battle (9-6)

2x May the Force Be With You (112-1)

Yoda (112-2)
Dagobah Nudj (112-3)
Dagobah Training Grounds (112-4)
Yoda, You Seek Yoda (112-5)
Seeds of Decay (112-6)

2x Ties of Blood (117-1)

Leia Organa (117-2)
Ewok Companion (117-3)
Native Support (117-4)
Leia's Command (117-5)
Protection (117-6)

Mission Briefing: The extra cards are more than worth it when you have heavy blaster emplacement, the battlefield engineers are awesome with both H.B.E. and Trust your feelings, plus, you get a decent objective, a heat of battle, and 2 cards with 2 force bubs for edge.

H.B.E. plus Leia wrecks just about anything out there so long as your opponent doesn't the Executor early.

***Can anyone clarify as to whether the word "Ready" in the text of Leia's Command applies to both "Units" and "Objextives", thanks.***

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3.4 of the FAQ.  Yes, ready applies to both the unit and objective.



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I love the idea of this deck, but Leia is so fragile! I've been trying to include more Rebel stuff instead of so much Jedi, and it's been testing well. I've been testing the following :

2x Ties of Blood
1x Secret of Yavin 4
1x A Message from Beyond

2x Defense of Yavin 4
2x Mission Briefing
1x Green Squadron Deployement
1x Blue Squadron Support



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Try pairing Jedi Leia with Wookies.  If WLD and TOB are on the board with a wookie or two and Leia, than the DS has quite a problem to deal with, more so if Chewie hits the board.  Take the force sit back and make the DS attack triggering Wookie wrath or don't and suffer Leia's and TOB's effects.  If you really want to make things difficult add MTFBWY.


A Leia deck I've been playing around with consists of


2x  Rebel Leia

2x  Jedi Leia

2x  Luke

1x  Kyle

1x  Guardians

1x  Tribal Support

1x  Home One

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