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[SW Deck] Winter Control

Jedi Rebel Alliance

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Rebel Alliance (Core Rebel Alliance)

Total Objective Sets: 10

2x A Hero's Journey (1-1)

Luke Skywalker (1-2)
Twi'lek Loyalist (1-3)
Jedi Lightsaber (1-4)
Trust Your Feelings (1-5)
Dagobah Training Grounds (1-6)

2x The Secret of Yavin 4 (5-1)

C-3PO (5-2)
Guardian of Peace (5-3)
Guardian of Peace (5-4)
Lightsaber Deflection (5-5)
Twist of Fate (5-6)

1x A Message from Beyond (37-1)

Old Ben's Spirit (37-2)
Old Ben's Spirit (37-3)
Weapon Mastery (37-4)
Calm (37-5)
Heat of Battle (37-6)

1x Watchers in the Wasteland (91-1)

Obi-Wan Kenobi (91-2)
Shistavanen Wolfman (91-3)
Shistavanen Wolfman (91-4)
Force Cleansing (91-5)
Supporting Fire (91-6)

2x May the Force Be With You (112-1)

Yoda (112-2)
Dagobah Nudj (112-3)
Dagobah Training Grounds (112-4)
Yoda, You Seek Yoda (112-5)
Seeds of Decay (112-6)

2x Behind Enemy Lines (113-1)

Winter (113-2)
Tactical Genius (113-3)
Observation Point (113-4)
Hidden Outpost (113-5)
Infiltration (113-6)

Winter with all the Force control support of Jedi essentially allows you to clog up both your opponent's draws, and more importantly his/her resource game.

Observation point adds more control and is extremely versatile, allowing you to effectively destroy all the resources your opponent plays (when combined with Winter's ability), cherry pick dangerous cards of the top of their decks, and even make your own draws more consistent by discarding a card you don't want to see.

Everything else is pretty straight forward except for maybe Message from beyond which is interchangeable with other Jedi support objectives, like Self Preservation for example which you could add for the extra umph the Gotal Outcasts give you.

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