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Guidelines to searching and posting in the rules forum

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Welcome to the Warhammer 40,000: Conquest Rules forum.



Before posting a rules question, please take a moment to review the forum to see if the question's been previously asked and answered. One way to do this is to sort the forum by thread title using the Custom menu on the forum header bar. The thread headings lead them to be grouped by category (eg abilities, attachments, battle, card, command, dealing damage, keywords, planets, shields), so if you sort by topic title, that will hopefully lead you quickly to a thread that already answers your question.


Threads have been given tags (eg card name, keyword name, category). When you pull up a thread, the bottom of the page will list other threads that have a common tag with this thread, and it may be that one of those threads will answer your question.


If you find a thread on the same topic but it doesn't quite cover your question, or you still have doubts and would like an example to clarify, please add your question to that thread. After it's answered, the best answer will be updated to incorporate a clarified, better response that future readers will benefit from.


If you can't find a thread that covers your question, please feel encouraged to post. When posting questions, provide as much information as possible so that answers can be accurate. Please include the text of the abilities of any cards being referenced (so that future newbies don't have to look them up while reading).

- If you have multiple questions on the same topic, place them in the same post but separate the questions into different paragraphs.

- If you have multiple questions on different topics, place each different topic in a separate post to allow future readers to easily find your question and answer on their topic of interest.


When adding a new thread, try to include a heading in the style of other headings to allow for easy search for others later. Don't worry too much about it though - the moderators will edit it if they can think of a better title. (So don't be surprised if your heading changes, nor if some of your post is edited for clarification purposes!)


If your question has been previously answered, the general guideline is that you'll be pointed to the previous thread, and after 24 hrs, your new thread will be hidden. But that's ok, we'd rather you ask!! It's just a means to keep the forum as concise as possible for future newbies. Another approach that may be taken is that the moderators update a previous best answer for a related thread that covers your topic and then point you to that. Please don't let this moderation stop you from asking anything you have doubts over though - the forum is here to help!



When answering questions please do not post opinions. The preference would be to back up each answer with a Rules Reference Guide (RRG) reference if possible. Please make the answer as comprehensive, careful, and grammatically correct as possible - remember that your answer will be preserved for all future newbies to read as a reference. If you are not sure of your answer, and/or can't back it up with a RRG reference, please don't post - there are a number of experienced playtesters who patrol the forum who will eventually answer (and if they're unsure, they'll seek FFG input).


The moderators in this forum have leeway to hide posts that are opinions, might cause confusion, or don't contribute to answering the question.


Periodically a moderator will review the questions and choose the best answer and mark it as such to indicate the question has been answered. The intent is to keep the threads as lean as possible to allow future newbies to get straight to the best answer, with perhaps some clarifying examples, and not have to wade through chaff to find them.


If you have any questions about these guidelines please feel free to ask in this thread.

Edited by PBrennan, 25 November 2014 - 12:17 PM.
More detailed guidelines on asking and answering

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So, after I add on to a topic, are people notified that there's a new question/post for them to answer/see? Sorry, I'm new to these forums. I just added to a thread from 2014 and am vaguely worried that no one will ever see it.


If people aren't notified, then how should I bring these questions up to the community? Would it be simplest for me to simply start a new topic?


Also, you claim that you can search this forum by tags, but whenever I attempt to, I simply reach a page saying that the "search function hasn't been implemented yet." So, how do I do this?

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If you reply to an old topic it pops to the top of the forum where it should be seen by someone.  The search function does appear to be disabled.  I notified the board admins of this a while ago and he was going to look into it.  Honestly the best way to search the forum is via a google search

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Do to recent posts mentioning searching the forum I just wanted to post this here. 


If you use the following string in Google search it will specifically search this rules forum. Replace the "PUT YOUR RULES QUESTION HERE" with your question, but be sure to keep the quotes.


site:www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/forum/44-warhammer-40000-conquest-rules-questions/ "PUT YOU RULES QUESTION HERE"

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