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Battle: TUTORIAL When exactly does it end (Errata)


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The first thing to note is that the opening para in RRG 3.2.10 (pg 26) should read (my bolding):


"If a player controls at least one ready unit in a battle at the beginning of his combat turn, and there are no enemy units at the planet, the battle ends and the player controlling the only unit(s) at the planet is the winner of the battle."


This has been confirmed with the design team, and keeps this rule in sync with the flowchart's 3.2.10 box, plus the LTP and its examples.


Note that when this battle-end check succeeds, the unit that would be about to attack does NOT exhaust. A unit exhausts as part of an attack, but that attack never actually initiates - the battle ends before it attacks. Also note that units do not automatically ready when a battle ends - that only happens if a combat round ends and the battle is to continue.


The design team have confirmed that when a battle ends, the sequence is:


1. Battle Ends

2. Winner/loser is determined

3. Winner triggers battle ability


This means that any "until the end of the battle" duration will be over before the battle ability triggers (and even before a player officially wins/loses the battle). It also means that interrupts/reactions (forced or otherwise) to each part of the sequence would be used before the next part of the sequence, e.g., you react to the battle ending before the battle ability can be triggered.


The best way to get a handle on how a battle ends is by slavishly following the RRG flowcharts. Some examples:


Example 1: My lone unit destroys the last enemy unit with its attack. The combat round end-check succeeds (there are no ready units). I refresh my unit. A new combat round starts. At the start of my next combat turn, the battle ends.


Example 2:  I have 7 units. 6 are exhausted. My 7th unit destroys the last enemy unit with its attack. The combat round end-check succeeds (there are no ready units). I refresh all my units. I have the chance to retreat some of them to HQ (these would revert to an exhausted state). A new combat round starts. At the start of my next combat turn, the battle ends.


Example 3:  I have 7 units. My third unit destroys the last enemy unit with its attack. At the start of my next combat turn (my 4th unit is about to attack), the battle ends.


Example 4: My warlord and a unit (who arrived exhausted during the commitment) are at a planet with no opposing units. At the start of my warlord's combat turn, the battle ends.


There is an action window before and after every combat turn. If you have no units at a planet but you want the battle to continue, you'll need to execute an action in the action window that opens/closes just before your opponent's combat turn in which the battle-end check will succeed (at the latest) - either to allow you to place a unit at that planet, or remove all your opponent's units from that planet, thus making the battle-end check fail at the start of his combat turn.


(Note: If a combat turn starts and there are no units on either side, the battle immediately ends in a stalemate.)


If you're going to add a unit though, you'll probably want to do that in an action window just prior to what would otherwise be your last combat turn, so that you'll get a chance to attack with it (as opposed to the action window just prior to your opponent's combat turn, in which he'd attack your unit first).


Lastly, a combat turn does not equate to a combat action.

- A combat turn is the option to attack or pass.

- A combat action is an action that can only be performed in an action window during the combat phase.

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If i clearly want to understand, let me ask a question.


Let say I have initiative.

There is an action window at the start of the combat phase as usual.


Case 1:

Planet 1:

I have no unit. My opponent have one or more units but no warlord.


The battle at planet 1 begin.


Do I have an action window/attack(eventually)/action window before my opponent's turn ? Or is the battle ending with my opponent victory ?


Case 2:

Planet 1:

I have some units. My opponent have some units but no warlord.


During a battle round, my opponent destroy all my units and still have one or more, all are exhausted.


Battle turn ends. My opponent decide to retreat or not.


New battle round, my opponent leave some units at the planet.


As i still have initiative, do i have an action window, followed by an attack and an action window before my opponent take its combat turn ?


Thanks for the answer :)



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Your cases are answered by closely following the Battle Resolution flowchart on pg 22 of the RRG.


Case 1: Yes, there is at least 1 action window after the battle initiates and before the opponent has a combat turn and would claim the battle win - between 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 would be the first. If the opponent's unit doesn't have ranged, and you have initiative, you have all the action windows up to step 3.2.7, which would (barring abilities) be the first step that he'd be about to have a combat turn and instead claim the battle win.


Case 2: Yes. Each combat round begins with an action window (3.2.9 loops back to it), and yes, you'd have first opportunity within that combat round to have a combat turn if you had initiative.


A couple of notes.

1. Action windows aren't limited to one player or the either (you've been saying "I have an action window"). If an action window opens, both players are allowed to trigger actions, per the action window rules on pg 20 before it closes.

2. Another way to read the flowchart is to understand that there's an action window before every opportunity to take a combat turn. That generally answers each question that may arise along these lines.

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