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Secrecy Deck Group Build

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The deck I took to the Lure this year was a secrecy deck with Glorfindel (obviously), Eleanor & Theodred. You start at 20 thread immediately, so you need some manner of luck T1, but you should manage. Don't have access to it atm, but from the top of my head:


Timely Aid x3

Dunedain Ranger x3

Celduin Traveler x3

Resourceful x3

O Elbereth! x3

Galadrim's Greeting x3

Elfhelm x2?

Elrond's Counsil x3

Gandalf x3 (2x core + 1x v2)

- Asfaloth x2

- Light of Valinor x2

- the obvious enhancements x?


edit: I also used Stargazers (x2) and Taking Initiative (x3). Not the most competitive option, but you can trigger it quite often.


The deck performs well along with the Hobbit deck, in which case you can play Wandering Took (for flavor). For soloing purposes it's not ideal at all. Once you trigger the "O Elbereth!" it's good to drop the v2 Gandalf if you have it. I don't really like the Heroes used, but then again: Pippin seems to do very little in your current build. Eleanor at least seems to guard against some doomed-based cards (the conditional ones).


After reading your concept deck, I'll make some changes as the Runes were in another deck so I kinda forgot adding them. Same with the Sneak Attacks and the event-fetching Elf. Your deck seems solid. I agree with dropping the 'free' scouts (given I play Taking Initiative). I'll test it and let you guys know.


Some questions:

* Is Leaf brooch really worth it? It seemed like an bad card to me, even if you exploit it. It obviously works well with the rebound events, allowing you to cherrypick the best target, true. But I'd rather focus on keeping under 20.

* What's the use of "Out of the Wild"? Sure, you can remove threats, but having to reshuffle the deck really makes it unworthy of a card slot (but I must be missing something). I'd only use it in the wounded eagle quest.



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I'd say the Out of the Wild is really just there to finally use it and it can offer some substantial protection for soloing.  Granted, you do shuffle the deck, but getting to remove something that will be super difficult to deal with whenever it comes up can come in real handy.


I agree that focusing on staying under 20 is important, but if you aren't continuing to gain things from staying under 20, then why bother?   The leaf brooch offers a repeatable resource reduction, providing you can maintain the secrecy.  And yea, it is great for the repeatable events but is also solid for bringing the cost down on any of the more expensive events.   That said, is it worth the slot?   I'd say it at least deserves a chance, and if it isn't effective enough in practice, then obviously it can get tossed.


Side note - you mentioned Eleanor guarding against doomed-based cards.  She can only cancel the "When Reveal" effects of a Treachery card, so any keywords like Surge, Doomed, etc still take effect.



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Side note - you mentioned Eleanor guarding against doomed-based cards.  She can only cancel the "When Reveal" effects of a Treachery card, so any keywords like Surge, Doomed, etc still take effect.


By conditional doomed cards I mean the ones that have a triggered condition, like "Lots of none at all" or "Heedless of Order". But that's just a handful of cards, so the relevance is kinda low :P. But the deck is meant to play well together with the Hobbit deck so I need sentinels and must give up green/lore so the other deck can play the good cards.


A sole Leaf Brooch seems acceptable when there's 3 cards that benefit greatly from it. Two seems a little too much, but the tricolour version of the deck posted here does have the green draw (Runes) so it can effectively play 3x Lights and 2 Brooches, for instance. My version didn't have green apparently.



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I've had a lot of fun running a two hero deck with Denethor and Sam and loads of rangers and traps.  Denethor can be amazing when you are only flipping one card of the deck each turn. 


I really dislike including Glorfindel in this type of deck when I'm building because once you drop in Asfaloth, Elronds Council, Light of Valinor it starts to feel more like the Glorfindel +1(2) deck rather than the really cool bunch of sneaky gits doing there thing and struggling through.  It feels more like a real secrecy deck then, rather than how can we prop up Glorfindel in 20 or less threat.


I would much rather see an all hobbit deck for secrecy which is something I keep toying with, or even better two decks each with two of Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin for two player games.




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I know this thread is a bit old, but I've beaten Nightmare Journey Along the Anduin and Nightmare Conflict at the Carrock with this secrecy deck in solo both on the first try.  I haven't done much testing against these scenarios to see how consistent it is or if it was just a fluke.  I imagine a poor start will cause a loss, but really I've played the deck many times in multi-player where it is much weaker and I've only had one game where I felt like my start was slow so it seems to be relatively consistent as far as first turns go.  One other note is that I just re-created this deck to post it here from memory and I am not sure if it is identical to the deck I used against the nightmare scenarios.  For reference, to kill the final troll in conflict at the Carrock, I mustered 19 attack damage to break through the last trolls total health/defense and also quested for about 10 that turn if I recall correctly.  This deck can muster quite an army.


Credit to this deck goes to 13nrv as I was inspired to create it based on a deck he created.  They are extremely similar, but i do not know his full deck list.


Heroes (starting threat: 17)  
    Sam Gamgee
Allies (28)  
 2x Bill the Pony
 1x Gimli
 3x Rivendell Scout
 1x Bofur
 3x Celduin Traveler
 3x Galadriel's Handmaiden (typically, these are actually 1x Arwen, 1x Elfhelm, and occasionally 1x Haldir, but due to constantly having deck conflicts I just changed them to handmaidens).  When I played versus the aforementioned nightmare scenarios, I think I had 3 Handmaidens and 1 Arwen and I wasn't using Send for Aid.
 3x Northern Tracker
 2x Gildor Inglorion
 3x Ithilien Lookout
 1x Quickbeam
 3x Envoy of Pelargir
 3x Gandalf
Attachments (7)  
 2x Hobbit Cloak
 2x Nenya
 3x Resourceful
Events (14)  
 3x A Very Good Tale
 3x Sneak Attack
 3x Timely Aid
 3x A Test of Will
 2x Elrond's Counsel

Side Quests (1)

Send for Aid

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Just getting back into the game. I'm goin to have to try making a secrecy deck so I can contribute more here