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Next Star Wars deluxe expansion

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Honestly, ever since rotation was announced I've been iffy about the deluxe boxes. I'd kind of rather they focused on support sets and left the drastic meta-defining moves to the Force Packs. Since the deluxe boxes won't be rotated out, having staples that won't get boring (instead of just trying to one-up the last Luke Skywalker or whatever) makes more gameplay sense to me. But that wouldn't sell, so...


I've never thought about it that way before. Makes sense.



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Emperor Palpatine

Cost - 5

Force Icons - 5

Health - 3


Force User. Philantropist. Playboy. Pilot.


2 black tactics, 2 white tactics, 1 black blast


Pilot (3) - (When entering play as a pilot on a capitol ship, this unit gains the text: "Reaction: Name a unit. Search your opponent's deck for all copies of the named unit. Discard them.")


That oughtta do it.


FFG has my permission to use this idea with no compensation what so ever. Because you know this is awesome.

u spelled jar jar wrong.

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