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Deckhelp Core + 1

- - - - - deck amateur core jinteki

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I'm going to a tournament this weekend, small one with a mix of decent and new players. Myself, I am an average card player but still quite new to Netrunner.

The format is Swiss and decks can be made from 1 core + 1 non-deluxe Data Pack

I think the new players will be unfamiliar with Jinteki and how to play against it and I don't think the more experienced players will have built decks to handle it since Jinteki often is considered weak when limited to so few cards outside of Core.


So I made a deck using Trace Amount (that I don't own yet but will buy tomorrow) where I changed a core only Jinteki deck by replacing 2 Security Force and 1 Priority Requisition with 3 Fetal AI.


Now I would like to get 2-3 Trick of Light in there aswell since I want to be able to quickscore in case the runner doesn't bite on my Project Junebug (mainly for the more experienced players) and move tokens from there to an agenda.


Don't know what cards to replace though and if it seems like a viable idea, keep in mind I haven't bought Trace Amounts yet so I'm up for alternative packs aswell. Also keep in mind that the opponents will be limited by the same rules (1 Core and 1 Data Pack)


Decklist (link: http://www.cardgamed..._55379a3f0ac52)


Total Cards: (49)
1x Jinteki: Personal Evolution (Core) 
Agenda: (9)
3x Fetal AI (Trace Amount) 
3x Nisei MK II (Core) 
2x Priority Requisition (Core)   
1x Private Security Force (Core)  
Asset: (12)
2x Melange Mining Corp (Core)   
3x PAD Campaign (Core)    
3x Project Junebug (Core) 
3x Snare! (Core) 
1x Zaibatsu Loyalty (Core) 
ICE: (17)
2x Chum (Core) 
2x Data Mine (Core) 
2x Data Raven (Core) ■■ ■■ 
3x Enigma (Core)    
3x Neural Katana (Core) 
3x Wall of Static (Core)    
2x Wall of Thorns (Core) 
Operation: (11)
1x Beanstalk Royalties (Core) ■ 
3x Hedge Fund (Core)    
2x Neural EMP (Core) 
2x Precognition (Core) 
2x Scorched Earth (Core) ■■■■ ■■■■ 
1x SEA Source (Core) ■■ 
Upgrade: (0)
Main combos: Chum -> Data Mine -> Fetal AI / Sea Source -> Scorched Earth




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I would probably trade zaibatsu loyalty and start looking at the ICE for possible trick of light trades. With 3 snares and sea scorch you should find flatlining pretty easily as long as you have money and with trick of light in the deck a runner exposing the junebug doesn't really hurt that much since you can always use the tokens later. Jinteki can generally go with quite a low ICE count and you NEED the money when it comes to scorching or keeping the possibility of snare alive. I would look closer on wall of thorns (due to it being really expensive) but also enigma (due to yog probably being the decoder of choice) and data mine whithout the help is generally not that good an ICE. Another possible swap would be precognition while it gives you information and lets you order your cards none of them actually make it into your hand and you have to manually draw them.


This is only my thoughts on which cards I would consider swapping in your place. I hope the input helps somewhat and that you have a fun tournament and that whatever you do play a deck your comfortable with.

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