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Cube for AGoT LCG 1.0

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Next week we will have all the cards that are fit to print for AGOT LCG 1.0.  One of the things I'm most excited about doing with the huge card pool is make some sort of draft cube for casual play with friends who like games and like game of thrones overall, but are not at all in to the LCG.  I think the cube would probably focus on simpler cards, mostly ones that don't get played because of lower power levels, and therefore I'm imagining that it might make it easier to pick up the game and play.


Are there any resources out there for building the cube, and instructions on how to proceed to play with said cube? Anyone out there working on this sort of thing now that the card pool is going to be complete?

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it isn't completely related but there is a lot of things about Magic cubes and can probably apply many of the same logics behind the two. 



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I vote we make a CardgameDB community cube, via the forums.


Of course, local metas will tweak it, but it would be fantastic to have a "base" for the cube that each meta can tweak to their preferences. 


A community-designed draft starter would also be great.


Anybody on board to work on this?


EDIT:  If I remember correctly, DC has a draft cube they use, with alterations to some cards (adjusting cost on underplayed cards to be more efficient, altering abilities, etc...).  This should also be considered, as to make interesting but inefficient cards worth a second look.

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sounds like a fun project. 



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I have had a committed 1.0 Cube for the better part of a year and we have essentially played it the same way in all that time (updating for new chapter packs), and we always have an incredibly fun time. As dead as our meta is competitively, one thing I never have a problem with is getting a half dozen people together for a cube draft almost every weekend. 


Give me a little time and I would be more than happy to share our structure and card list. Once I get the final pack and we deliberate on which cards make the final cut I will gladly share ours. It's had several hundred games under it's belt and almost all of them have been great, close games. The house balance has always been exceptionally even (Targ being a little harder to play, but still getting it's share of wins). 


It's a draft that can easily accommodate a dozen players. We usually do groups of 4-6 and we can do several drafts with one shuffle in a weekend. It is also catered towards being fun in either joust or melee at the drop of a hat without having to remove/replace any cards. 


I have also been amazed in how much synergy can be put together. The occasional attempt to draft for a theme like raiders or sand snakes has been surprisingly effective. 

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For an 8 person draft, you'd need 400 minimum cards or so assuming 40 card decks.  So with 400 cards, I'd think 52 of each house plus 48 plots and 40 neutral cards (or vice versa).  Or would you allow the Draft Starter as base cards each player gets for the Cube?  I suppose that makes sense. 


Assuming you want more variety (or 60 cards decks), you can go up to 600 cards.  80 of each house, + 60 plots and 60 neutral cards.


I will see if I can start working on a 400 one tonight.  I will post what I think.  I tend to try to balance things out as much as possible.

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i'd like a cube where draft plots after the deck. 

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I think the best I could really muster is  4 person draft.  Is it easy to accommodate fewer people if the cube is designed for an 8 person draft? Does that just end up increasing the quality of the deck? or do you change way you draft?  I'm pretty excited about this!



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You'd just draft half the cube. Only semi problem is since "packs" are random and built for eight people one or two houses maybe greatly underrepresented since May just by chance not pick them out at perfect ratio. Typing on my kindle so hopefully makes sense.



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I also like the idea of drafting plots, quite a lot. 



Maybe keep just Wildfire in the "starter" so a psuedo-reset is always available, and keep the 5 plot limit, then draft for the rest?



EDIT:  Probably need to keep Counting Coppers in, too, as a way to recover from not having a hand.  Without it, you have to draft draw cards successfully and they will always get taken first.

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Our cube has a decent number of preset cards (including Coppers and Wildfire), then randomly assigns possible agendas, then drafts regular cards, then drafts plots. I should get it posted Monday or Tuesday. 

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Our cube has a decent number of preset cards (including Coppers and Wildfire), then randomly assigns possible agendas, then drafts regular cards, then drafts plots. I should get it posted Monday or Tuesday. 


No rush actually, but yeah, please get this posted as I am very interested.



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Without Further Ado



The Indy Thrones 1.0 Cube


First thing every participant receives is their “Draft Starter” which contains the following:


7 Plots (All 1x)


Feast or Famine

Holding the Trident

Wildfire Assault

Counting Coppers

Filthy Accusations

Shores of Ny Sar



Regular Cards


House Bannerman 1x

Kingsroad Fiefdom 2x

Kingsroad Inn 2x

The Great Keep 1x

River Row 1x

The Searoad x3

The Roseroad x3




Treaty 1x


Decide if you are drafting to play a 1v1 tournament, or melee. We do use titles when playing melee (unless a game ends up with 3 players, then we forego titles).


Next up, a singular pile of agendas is shuffled and randomly distributed amongst the players. Players may agree on not dealing any agendas, only 1, or until all agendas are distributed evenly. Agendas are not required for use by any players. They simply are available if a player chooses to use one after drafting is complete (just as the “Treaty” agenda is available, but not required if the player decides to play no agenda). All players do see their own randomly assigned agendas (but not each others) before drafting begins, and thus can help influence the drafting process, or be totally ignored.


The 12 Card Agenda Pile (All 1x)


A Noble Cause

The Old Way


The Power Behind The Throne

Heir to the Iron Throne

The Siege of Winterfell

Aloof & Apart

House of Dreams


Knights of the Realm

Knights of the Hollow Hill

City of Shadows


Once agendas are distributed, players will receive and draft 4 packs of 15 cards each. These packs consist of characters, events, locations, and attachments (no agendas or plots). Players will then proceed to look at their first pack, select one card to draft, and pass left. Repeat process as usual drafts go until the packs are all distributed. The 2nd and 4th packs will be passed to the right. Try to keep draft pods even. If you have say 8 players, draft with 2 tables of 4. 6 players would draft two tables of 3, etc. I would never seat a draft pod with more than 4 players if I could help it with this cube. If you had 5 I suppose you would have to but I would cap it at 5 for sure.


The following list is the non-plot, non-agenda draft pool. Each pack is 15 cards. Each of the 6 great houses possesses 100 cards to be potentially drafted. Likewise, there are also 100 neutral cards. 20 cards have multi house affiliations. This makes the total pool 720 cards. Thus, a fully shuffled cube compliments 48 packs for a maximum of 12 players.


The Main Draft Pool List (All 1x)


House Baratheon (100 Cards)


  1. Asshai Initiate
  2. Bastard of Robert
  3. Bitterbridge
  4. Bitterbridge Encampment
  5. Black Bertha
  6. Blackcrown Knights
  7. Brienne of Tarth (Core)
  8. Brienne of Tarth (ADG)
  9. Brightwater Men-At-Arms
  10. Camp Follower
  11. Dale Seaworth
  12. Deserted Castle
  13. Dragonstone Convert
  14. Edric Storm
  15. Fiery Kiss
  16. Fleet From Lys
  17. Forced March
  18. Heartsbane
  19. Herald of Storm’s End
  20. Highgarden Refugee
  21. Huntress
  22. Khorane Sathmantes
  23. King Robert’s Hammer
  24. King Robert’s Host
  25. Kingswood Trail
  26. Knight of Flowers (SAS)
  27. Knight of Flowers (Other SAS)
  28. Knight of Flowers (TFTH)
  29. Knight of  the North
  30. Lady Olenna’s Guard
  31. Lightbringer
  32. Lyseni Captain
  33. Lyseni Pirate
  34. Mace Tyrell
  35. Maester Cressen (AHA)
  36. Maester Lomys
  37. Margaery Tyrell (TFTRK)
  38. Martial Law
  39. Marya Seaworth
  40. Massey’s Hook
  41. Melisandre (ROTO)
  42. Melisandre (Core)
  43. Melisandre (ROR)
  44. Melisandre (TKG)
  45. Melisandre’s Favor
  46. Oakenshield Port
  47. Obey the King
  48. Old Red Priest
  49. Renly Baratheon (Core)
  50. Renly Baratheon (TRS)
  51. Renly Baratheon (KOTS)
  52. Renly Baratheon (AH)
  53. River Runner
  54. Robert Baratheon (Core)
  55. Robert Baratheon (KOTS)
  56. Robert Baratheon (TOTH)
  57. Robert Baratheon (KOTS)
  58. Robert Baratheon (TGM)
  59. Robert Baratheon (ADM)
  60. Royal Entourage
  61. Salladhor Saan (KOTS)
  62. Salladhor Saan (EB)
  63. Salladhor Saan (POL)
  64. Seasoned Smuggler
  65. Seat of Power
  66. Selyse Baratheon (Core)
  67. Ser Axel Florent (Core)
  68. Ser Bryce Caron
  69. Ser Cortnoy Penrose
  70. Ser Davos Seaworth (Core)
  71. Ser Davos Seaworth (WLL)
  72. Ser Davos Seaworth (TGS)
  73. Ser Eldon Estermont
  74. Ser Emmon Cuy (KOTS)
  75. Ser Emmon Cuy (TFW)
  76. Ser Garlan Tyrell
  77. Ser Guyard Morrigan (KOTS)
  78. Ser Guyard Morrigan (BIC)
  79. Ser Jon Fossoway
  80. Ser Parmen Crane (KOTS)
  81. Ser Parmen Crane (HOT)
  82. Ser Robar Royce
  83. Shadow Killer
  84. Shireen Baratheon (FTC)
  85. Sister of Truth
  86. Smuggler’s Cove
  87. Stannis Baratheon (Core)
  88. Stannis Baratheon (VM)
  89. Stannis Baratheon (KOTS)
  90. Stinking Drunk
  91. Stormlands Smuggler
  92. The Bastard of Nightsong
  93. The Black Cells
  94. The Iron Throne (TOTH)
  95. The Laughing Storm
  96. The Queen of Thorns
  97. The Red Queen’s Faithful
  98. Watcher of the Nightfire
  99. Wicked Seductress
  100. Willas Tyrell


House Lannister (100 Cards)


  1. A Lannister Pays His Debts
  2. Alchemist’s Guild Hall
  3. Arbor Guardsman
  4. Ashemark
  5. Ashemark Councilor
  6. Ashemark Knight
  7. Bronn (Core)
  8. Bronn (LOTR)
  9. Castellan of the Rock
  10. Casterly Rock
  11. Cersei Lannister (Core)
  12. Cersei Lannister (LOTR)
  13. Cersei Lannister (ATOT)
  14. Chella, Daughter of Cheyck (Core)
  15. Chella, Daughter of Cheyck (SAS)
  16. Clan Scout
  17. Doubting Septa
  18. Dragonbone Dagger
  19. Enemy Informer
  20. Enslaved
  21. Fleet From the Arbor
  22. Gold Cloaks
  23. Golden Tooth Mines
  24. Grand Maester Pycelle (Core)
  25. Gunthor, Son of Gurn
  26. Harry the Riverlands
  27. House Clegane Brigands
  28. Hugor Hill
  29. I’m You Writ Small
  30. Insidious Ways
  31. Janos Slynt (THTW)
  32. Jhalabar Xho (TWOTFK)
  33. Joffrey Baratheon (Core)
  34. Joffrey Baratheon (KOTS)
  35. King Joffrey’s Guard
  36. King’s Landing Guard
  37. Lannisport Brothel
  38. Lannisport Councilor
  39. Lannisport Moneylender
  40. Lannisport Steward
  41. Lannisport Weaponsmith
  42. Lannisport Tourney Grounds
  43. Lashing Out
  44. Moon Brother Harriers
  45. Mountain Refugee
  46. Painted Dogs
  47. Paxter Redwyne
  48. Penny
  49. Pentoshi Manor
  50. Podrick Payne
  51. Pyromancer’s Cache
  52. Queen;s Guard
  53. Qyburn
  54. Qyburn’s Informers
  55. Secret Orders
  56. Ser Amory Lorch
  57. Ser Balon Swann (TWH)
  58. Ser Balon Swann (ADM)
  59. Ser Gregor Clegane (LOTR)
  60. Ser Gregor Clegane (WLL)
  61. Ser Gregor’s Dog
  62. Ser Ilyn Payne (Core)
  63. Ser Ilyn Payne (TV)
  64. Ser Jacelyn Bywater
  65. Ser Jaime Lannister (Core)
  66. Ser Jaime Lannister (LOTR)
  67. Ser Jaime Lannister (TOTH)
  68. Ser Jaime Lannister (TFTH)
  69. Ser Kevan Lannister (VM)
  70. Ser Kevan Lannister (SAS)
  71. Ser Lancel Lannister (CTB)
  72. Ser Lancel Lannister (TPOL)
  73. Ser Robert Strong
  74. Shagga, Son of Dolf
  75. Sitting the Iron Throne
  76. The Burned Men
  77. The Hound (WLL)
  78. The Hound (TKG)
  79. The Iron Throne
  80. The Mander
  81. The Wealth of the Rock
  82. There Are No Men Like Me
  83. Timmet, Son of Timmet
  84. Tommen Baratheon (SA)
  85. Tyrion Lannister (Core)
  86. Tyrion Lannister (LOTR)
  87. Tyrion Lannister (COS)
  88. Tyrion Lannister (AH)
  89. Tywin Lannister (Core)
  90. Tywin Lannister (LOTR)
  91. Tywin Lannister (TKG)
  92. Tywin Lannister (TOTH)
  93. Ulf, Son of Umar
  94. Varys (TGM)
  95. Vat of Wildfire
  96. Volantis Inn
  97. Widow’s Wail
  98. Yezzan’s Grotesquerie
  99. The Westerlands
  100. You’ve Killed The Wrong Dwarf!


House Stark (100 Cards)


  1. Alayne Stone
  2. Arya Stark (Core)
  3. Arya Stark (COS)
  4. Arya Stark (TFTH)
  5. Arya Stark (THOBAW)
  6. Blackwood Elite
  7. Bolton Refugee
  8. Bran Stark (Core)
  9. Bran Stark (VD)
  10. Breaching The Wall
  11. Call of the Three-Eyed Crow
  12. Cat O’ the Canals
  13. Catelyn Stark (Core)
  14. Catelyn Stark (LOW)
  15. Crown of Winter
  16. Damon Dance-For-Me
  17. Eddard Stark (Core)
  18. Eddard Stark (LOW)
  19. Eddard Stark (TOTH)
  20. Endless Endurance
  21. Fleet From the Wolf’s Den
  22. Freezing Rain
  23. Frozen Moat
  24. Frozen Outpost
  25. Frozen Solid
  26. Ghost (TWH)
  27. Greatjon Umber (Core)
  28. Greatjon Umber (WLL)
  29. Grey Wind (LOW)
  30. Guard at Riverrun
  31. Guardian Wolf
  32. Guilty!
  33. Hand of the King
  34. Harrenhal (ODG)
  35. Harwin
  36. Hodor
  37. House Umber Berserkers
  38. Hungry Mob
  39. Ice (Core)
  40. Icy Catapault
  41. Jeyne Westerling
  42. Jon Snow (THTW)
  43. Jory Cassel
  44. King Robb’s Companions
  45. King Robb’s Host
  46. Lay Waste
  47. Lethal Counterattack
  48. Lucas Blackwood
  49. Maege Mormont
  50. Maester Luwin
  51. Maester Vyman (TV)
  52. Maester Vyman (WOW)
  53. Meera Reed
  54. Moat Cailin
  55. Moreo Tumitis
  56. No Quarter
  57. Northern Calvary Flank
  58. Northern Courser
  59. Northern Patriarch
  60. Northern Steel
  61. Northland Keep
  62. Nymeria
  63. Old Nan
  64. Osha
  65. Poisoned Coin
  66. Reek
  67. Rickard Karstark
  68. Rickon Stark
  69. Riders of Karhold
  70. Riders of the Red Fork
  71. Riverlands Hunter
  72. Robb Stark (Core)
  73. Robb Stark (LOW)
  74. Robb Stark (KOTS)
  75. Robb Stark (FF)
  76. Roose Bolton
  77. Sansa Stark (TFTRC)
  78. Sansa Stark (AHA)
  79. Ser Desmond Grell
  80. Ser Edmure Tully (TCP)
  81. Ser Jason Mallister
  82. Ser Kyle Condon
  83. Ser Rodrick Cassel
  84. Shaggydog (Core)
  85. Shaggydog (LOW)
  86. Summer (Core)
  87. The Bastard of Bolton
  88. The Bastard’s Boys
  89. The Blackfish (LOW)
  90. The Blackfish (AH)
  91. The Kindly Man
  92. The Last River
  93. The Smalljon
  94. Trident Reinforcements
  95. Tytos Blackwood
  96. White Harbor Dromon
  97. Winterfell (LOW)
  98. Winterfell Castle
  99. Wyman Manderly
  100. Yoren



House Greyjoy (100 Cards)


  1. Aeron Damphair (VM)
  2. Alannys Greyjoy (ROW)
  3. Alannys Greyjoy (ODG)
  4. Ambitious Oarsman
  5. Andrik The Unsmiling
  6. Asha Greyjoy (KOTS)
  7. Asha Greyjoy (WLL)
  8. Asha Greyjoy (FF)
  9. Assertion of Might
  10. Balon Greyjoy (KOTS)
  11. Balon Greyjoy (ATOT)
  12. Blackwater Raiders
  13. Bloodthirsty Crew
  14. Captain of the Iron Fleet
  15. Captured Cog
  16. Command the Winds
  17. Cotter Pyke
  18. Dagmer Cleftjaw
  19. Damphair’s Drowned
  20. Distinguished Boatswain
  21. Enraged Crewman
  22. Euron Crow’s Eye (KOTS)
  23. Euron Crow’s Eye (TGM)
  24. Euron Crow’s Eye (ASOS)
  25. Euron Crow’s Eye (TV)
  26. Euron’s Enforcers
  27. Farwynd Explorer
  28. First Mate
  29. Fishing Net
  30. Fishwhiskers
  31. Fleet From Pyke
  32. Follower of Two Gods
  33. Freed Galley
  34. Gormond Goodbrother
  35. Gran Goodbrother
  36. Great Wyk
  37. Greydon Goodbrother
  38. Hammerhorn Raiders
  39. Horn of Dragons
  40. Iron Fleet Captain
  41. Iron Fleet Pillager
  42. Iron Fleet Raiders
  43. Iron Fleet Scout
  44. Iron Islands Brigand
  45. Iron Islands Marine
  46. Iron Islands Reaver
  47. Ironborn Marauder
  48. Iron King’s Guard
  49. Island Refugee
  50. King Balon’s Host
  51. Longship Foamdrinker
  52. Longship Black Wind
  53. Longship Grey Ghost
  54. Longship Iron Victory (KOTS)
  55. Longship Iron Victory (FMF)
  56. Longship Iron Wind
  57. Longship Maiden’s Bane
  58. Longship Silence
  59. Maester Kerwin
  60. Maester Muremure
  61. Maester Wyndamar
  62. Moqorro
  63. Naval Escort
  64. Newly Made Lord
  65. Nute the Barber
  66. Ormont Port
  67. Orkwood Captain
  68. Pirates of Ormont
  69. Plunder
  70. Pulled Under
  71. Qarl the Maid
  72. Raider From Orkwood
  73. Raiders of Orkmont
  74. Red Rain
  75. Refurbished Hulk
  76. Risen From The Sea
  77. River Blockade
  78. Salt Wife
  79. Salt and Iron
  80. Scouting Vessel
  81. Silence Crewman
  82. Support of Harlaw
  83. Tarle the Thrice Drowned
  84. Ten Towers Longship
  85. The Drumm
  86. The Iron Cliffs
  87. The Iron Mines
  88. The Knight
  89. The Reader
  90. The Sparr
  91. Theon Greyjoy (KOTS)
  92. Theon Greyjoy (WLL)
  93. Thunderer
  94. Victarion Greyjoy (KOTS)
  95. Victarion Greyjoy (VD)
  96. Victarion Greyjoy (ROTK)
  97. Victarion’s Reavers
  98. Warrior of Note
  99. Wex Pyke (KOTS)
  100.  Wex Pyke (TCP)              



House Martell (100 Cards)


  1. A Game of Cyvasse
  2. Areo Hotah (POTS)
  3. Areo Hotah (ROTK)
  4. Areo Hotah (AE)
  5. Arianne Martell (POTS)
  6. Arianne Martell (TKG)
  7. Bastard’s Daughter
  8. Blood for Blood
  9. Blood Orange Grove
  10. Burning on the Sand
  11. Choosing the Spear
  12. Dagos Manwoody
  13. Darkstar (POTS)
  14. Darkstar (TFTH)
  15. Dayne Spearman
  16. Deceit
  17. Desert Raider
  18. Doran Martell (TGM)
  19. Doran Martell (SOW)
  20. Doran’s Solar
  21. Dorea Sand (TFTH)
  22. Dorea Sand (HOT)
  23. Dornish Diplomat
  24. Edric Dayne (IG)
  25. Elia Sand
  26. Ellaria Sand (POTS)
  27. Field Spikes
  28. Flea Bottom Scavenger
  29. Ghaston Grey
  30. Ghost Hill Elite
  31. Greenblood Vessel
  32. Harmen Uller
  33. He Calls it Thinking
  34. Hellhot Engineer
  35. Host of the Boneway
  36. Hotah’s Axe
  37. House Dayne Knight
  38. House Dayne Reserves
  39. House Messenger
  40. Lady Nym’s Guard
  41. Locked Away
  42. Lord Edric’s Knight
  43. Loreza Sand
  44. Lost Oasis
  45. Lost Spearman
  46. Maester Myles
  47. Maiden of Poisons
  48. Myrcella Lannister (POTS)
  49. No Use for Grief
  50. Nymeria Sand (OSAS)
  51. Nymeria Sand (TV)
  52. Obara Sand (TWOW)
  53. Obara Sand (FF)
  54. Obella Sand (DF)
  55. Obella Sand (ATFW
  56. Oberyn’s Guile
  57. Oprhan of Greenblood
  58. Palestine Sword Guard
  59. Planky Town Orphan
  60. Prince’s Attendant
  61. Queen Myrcella’s Guard
  62. Quentyn Martell (VD)
  63. Quentyn Martell (TGF)
  64. Quentyn’s Guard
  65. Red Mountain Keep
  66. Red Vengeance
  67. Refugee of the Citadel
  68. Rhoynish Steed
  69. Rumors of War
  70. Sarella Sand
  71. Seneschal Ricasso
  72. Ser Archibald Yronwood
  73. Ser Cletus Yronwood
  74. Ser Gerris Drinkwater
  75. Silent Assassin
  76. Southron Heiress
  77. Spear Phalanx
  78. Spy From Starfall
  79. Starfall Skirmisher
  80. Sunspear Tourney Grounds
  81. Taste For Blood
  82. The Bastard of Godsgrace (EB)
  83. The Bastard of Godsgrace (FMF)
  84. The Long Plan
  85. The Prince’s Plan
  86. The Prince’s Wrath
  87. The Red Mountains
  88. The Red Viper (POTS)
  89. The Red Viper (TFTRK)
  90. The Red Viper (APS)
  91. The Scourge
  92. The Viper’s Bannermen
  93. The Viper’s Rage
  94. The Windblown
  95. Tyene Sand (OSAS)
  96. Tyene Sand (TGF)
  97. Underhanded Assassin
  98. Venemous Blade
  99. Veteran Spearman 
  100. War Scorpion      



House Targaryen (100 Cards)


  1. Aegon Targaryen
  2. Aegon’s Blade
  3. Aegon’s Hill
  4. Aggo (ROR)
  5. Aggo (ATFW)
  6. Aggo’s Bow
  7. Ambush From the Plains
  8. Black Hatchling
  9. Blackfyre
  10. Bloody Arakh
  11. Blood Magic Ritual
  12. Blood Crazed Screamer
  13. Bloodrider
  14. Braided Screamers
  15. Braided Warrior
  16. Brown Ben Plumm
  17. By Sword or by Guile
  18. Captain Groleo (ROTK)
  19. Company of the Cat
  20. Daario Naharis (WLL)
  21. Daemon Blackfyre
  22. Daenerys Targaryen (GOTC)
  23. Daenerys Targaryen (QOD)
  24. Daenerys Targaryen (AH)
  25. Dosh Khaleen
  26. Dothraki Handmaiden
  27. Dothraki Outrider
  28. Dothraki Vanguard
  29. Dragon Knight
  30. Dragon Skull
  31. Dragon Thief
  32. Dragonbone Bow
  33. Drogon (Core)
  34. Drogon (AHA)
  35. Drogon (QOD)
  36. Drogo’s Horde
  37. Flame-Kissed
  38. Fleet From Volantis
  39. Forever Burning
  40. Great Pyramid of Meeren
  41. Grey Worm
  42. Griff
  43. Horseback Archers
  44. Horselord
  45. Incinerate
  46. Irri
  47. Jhiqui
  48. Jhogo (Core)
  49. Jhogo (OSAS)
  50. Jhogo (HOT)
  51. Jhogo’s Whip
  52. Khal Drogo (Core)
  53. Khal Drogo (QOD)
  54. Khal Drogo (WOTN)
  55. Khal Drogo (ADG)
  56. Khaleesi’s Faithful
  57. Killer of the Wounded
  58. King’s Landing Assassin
  59. Lesser Kho
  60. Long Lances
  61. Loyal to the Last
  62. Lysono Mar
  63. Mad King Aerys
  64. Maester Aemon
  65. Magister Illyrio (VM)
  66. Meeren Tourney Grounds
  67. Meraxes
  68. Missandei
  69. New Khalasar
  70. Pike Phalanx
  71. Pyat Pree
  72. Queen Daenery’s Horde
  73. Rakharo (IG)
  74. Rakharo (TV)
  75. Rakharo’s Ankah
  76. Refugee of the Plains
  77. Rhaegal (QOD)
  78. Rhaegal (AHA)
  79. Rhaegar Targaryen
  80. Rhaeny’s Hill
  81. Rhoyne Poleman
  82. Royal Favor
  83. Ser Barristen Selmy (COS)
  84. Ser Barristen Selmy (TFTH)
  85. Ser Jorah Mormont (WLL)
  86. Ser Jorah Mormont (TKG)
  87. Ser Rolly Duckfield
  88. Shade of the Evening
  89. Street Waif
  90. Strong Belwas (VD)
  91. The Golden Company
  92. The Hatchling’s Feast
  93. The Titan’s Bastard
  94. Vaes Dothrak (IG)
  95. Viserion (Core)
  96. Viserion (QOD)
  97. Viserion (AHA)
  98. Viserys Targaryen (Core)
  99. Viserys Targaryen (TCP) 
  100. Young Griff

Neutral (100 Cards)


  1. Alleras
  2. Archmaester Marwyn
  3. Aurane Waters
  4. Benjen Stark (Core)
  5. Bronze Yohn Royce
  6. Coldhands (THTW)
  7. Condemned
  8. Condemned by the Council
  9. Craster
  10. Die by the Sword
  11. Dissension
  12. Distinct Mastery
  13. Distraction
  14. Flea Bottom
  15. Free Man
  16. Gendry
  17. Ghost (Core)
  18. Ghost of High Heart
  19. Gilly
  20. Harrenhal
  21. High Septon
  22. Jack of all Trades
  23. Jalabhar Xho
  24. Jaqen H’Ghar
  25. Jon Arryn
  26. Jon Snow (Core)
  27. Knight of Flowers (Core)
  28. King’s Landing
  29. Lady of the Leaves
  30. Littlefinger (Core)
  31. Littlefinger (AHA)
  32. Longclaw
  33. Lothor Brune
  34. Lyanna Stark
  35. Lyn Corbray
  36. Lysa Arryn
  37. Maester Aemon (Core)
  38. Make an Example
  39. Milk of the Poppy
  40. Mord
  41. Mya Stone
  42. Nightmares
  43. Hedge Knight
  44. Orell the Eagle
  45. Parting Blow
  46. Peter Baelish
  47. Pyromancer’s Apprentice
  48. Qhorin Halfhand
  49. Randyll Tarly
  50. Retreat
  51. Robert Arryn
  52. Rusted Sword
  53. Seductive Promise
  54. Ser Arthur Dayne
  55. Ser Arys Oakheart (TKG)
  56. Ser Barristen Selmy (Core)
  57. Ser Barristen Selmy (TKG)
  58. Ser Boros Blount
  59. Ser Gerold Hightower
  60. Ser Jaime Lannister (TKG)
  61. Ser Mandon Moore (TKG)
  62. Ser Mandon Moore (BOBB)
  63. Ser Meryn Trant (TKG)
  64. Ser Osmund Kettleback
  65. Ser Preston Greenfield (TKG)
  66. Ser Preston Greenfield (TOTH)
  67. Shadowblack Lane
  68. Shadowcat
  69. Shae
  70. Silent Sisters
  71. Street of Sisters
  72. Street of Silk
  73. Street of Steel
  74. Sky Cell
  75. Superior Claim
  76. Support of the Kingdom
  77. Syrio Forel
  78. The Bloody Gate
  79. The Eyrie
  80. The Mad Huntsman
  81. The Moon Door
  82. The Only Game That Matters
  83. The Price of War
  84. The Tattered Prince
  85. Thoros of Myr (TGM)
  86. Tycho Nestoris
  87. Val
  88. Vale Informant
  89. Vale Refugee
  90. Vargo Hoat
  91. Varys (Core)
  92. Varys (SAS)
  93. Westeros Bleeds
  94. Ygritte
  95. Zollo
  96. Put to the Sword (From CCG/Draft Packs)
  97. Tears of Lys (From CCG/Draft Packs)
  98. Watching the Heavens (From CCG/Draft Packs)
  99. Varys (From CCG/Draft Packs)

100. George R.R. Martin (Yea, technically he is a promo only from the CCG, but he   is just too much fun to not include in cube. For the sake of keeping him reasonable, we use him in a slightly errata-ed way that you can discard him any phase to play only a new plot that has yet to be revealed from your current plot deck, similar to shadows Arianne. 



Multi-House Affiliation (20 Cards)


  1. Brienne of Tarth (POTS)
  2. Cape Wrath
  3. Highgarden
  4. Jaqen H’Ghar
  5. Margaery Tyrell
  6. Randyll Tarly
  7. River Bandit
  8. Storm the Gate
  9. Terminal Schemes
  10. Littlefinger (SAS)
  11. Myrcella Lannister
  12. Ser Arys Oakheart
  13. The Hound (POTS)
  14. The Second Sons
  15. Ser Jorah Mormont (POTS)
  16. Theon Greyjoy (SOW)
  17. Sunstroke
  18. Turncloak
  19. Dragon Chaser
  20. Bay of Ice


Once all regular cards have been drafted, each player receives a single pack of 10 cards to draft, which contain entirely plots. Pass either left or right (determined randomly). You may add any drafted plots to your preset cards for deck building purposes.





Once all drafting is complete, each player then publicly states his or her house (they do not have to name any agendas, if used). Each player then receives a house card for their named house, 3 Seas corresponding to their house, and the house chambers location of their chosen house.


Example 1: You declare House Martell. You receive:

Lord Doran’s Chambers, 3 Summer Seas, and a Martell House Card


Example 2: You declare House Stark. You receive:

Lord Eddard’s Chambers, 3 Narrow Seas, and a Stark House Card


Now you should have the following post draft:


1 House Card

77 Non-Plot, Non-Agenda Cards

17 Plots

At least 1 Agenda  (Treaty, and possibly others)


Now players build their decks! Your deck can be any size (minimum 40 cards). You may or may not use any of your agendas, and your plot deck must end up being EXACTLY 7 plots (unless of course, you have Betrayal at the Wall).


Have Fun! Enjoy! The final listing here is the plots. Unlike the regular cards, in some cases it is possible to draft 2 of some plots instead of just 1. A player is still not permitted to run 2 of a plot in his deck unless it’s text allows otherwise. This is the list we use right now. I would like to add a single “Benjen’s Cache” and “On Raven’s Wings” from the CCG/Draft Packs, but I don’t have any copies of them :(


Plots (180 Cards)


  1. Above the Sorrows x2
  2. As High as Honor x2
  3. A City Besieged x2
  4. A Song of Summer x2
  5. A Task for a King
  6. A Task in the East
  7. A Time for Wolves
  8. Across the Summer Sea
  9. At the Gates x2
  10. At the Palace of Sorrows x2
  11. Battle of Oxcross
  12. Before the Black Walls x2
  13. Befouled River
  14. Betrayal at the Wall x2
  15. Breaking and Entering
  16. Building Season x2
  17. Bungled Orders x2
  18. Burning Bridges
  19. Cersei’s Scheme x2
  20. City of Lies x2
  21. City of Secrets x2
  22. City of Sin x2
  23. City of Soldiers x2
  24. City of Spiders x2
  25. City of Spies x2
  26. Common Cause
  27. Condemned by the Realm
  28. Counting Favors x2
  29. Crossing The Mummer’s Ford x2
  30. Crossing the Ruby Ford x2
  31. Desolate Passage
  32. Dry Season
  33. Edict of the Rock
  34. Fallen From Favor x2
  35. Fear of Winter
  36. Forgotten Plans x2
  37. Frey Hospitality x2
  38. Fury of the Dragon x2
  39. Fury of the Kraken x2
  40. Fury of the Lion x2
  41. Fury of the Stag x2
  42. Fury of the Sun x2
  43. Fury of the Wolf x2
  44. Game of Thrones x2
  45. Hear Me Roar x2
  46. Holding Council x2
  47. Into the Lists x2
  48. King’s Landing Coupe x2
  49. Kings of Mountain and Vale x2
  51. Loyalty Money Can Buy x2
  52. Manderly’s Scheme x2
  53. Manning the City Walls x2
  54. Marched to the Wall x2
  55. Melisandre’s Scheme x2
  56. Men of Pride x2
  57. Muster the Realm
  58. Mutual Blackmail x2
  59. Mutual Cause x2
  60. Mutual Enemies x2
  61. Naming the Heir x2
  62. Naval Superiority
  63. Negotiation at the Great Sept x2
  64. On my Oath
  65. Outwit
  66. Rally Cry
  67. Redwyne Straits x2 
  68. Regroup
  69. Respect of the Old Gods x2
  70. Retaliation! X2
  71. Rise of the Kraken x2
  72. Rule by Decree
  73. Schemes of the Scholar
  74. Search and Detain x2
  75. Seizing the Prize x2
  76. Siege Preparations x2
  77. Spending the Winter Stores
  78. Stay of Execution
  79. Stoic Resolve
  80. Summoned by the Conclave x2
  81. Summoning Season x2
  82. Take Them By Surprise x2
  83. Taken Captive x2
  84. The Aftermath x2
  85. The Art of Seduction
  86. The First Snow of Winter x2
  87. The King’s Law x2
  88. The Lost Message
  89. The Minstrel’s Muse x2
  90. The Power of Arms x2
  91. The Power of Faith x2
  92. The Power of Blood x2
  93. The Prince that was Promised
  94. The Red Wedding x2
  95. The Turncloak’s Task
  96. Threat From the North x2
  97. They Lay With Lions x2
  98. To the Spears! x2
  99. Threat From the East x2
  100. Torrhen’s Square x2
  101.  Under the Bridge of Dreams x2
  102.  You Swore an Oath
  103.  Victarion’s Scheme x2
  104.  Winter Festival x2
  105. Valor Morghulis x2
  106.  Fleeing The Wall
  107.  Conventions of War (CCG/Draft Pack Card)

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Does a cube draft assign rarity levels to different cards?


Nevermind.  Guess that is established by the card counts.