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Virus Viability

- - - - - Anarch Noise Virus Grimoire

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It's been a while since I've taken a look at A:NR, and trying to update my old Noise deck I ran into an interesting problem... There are TONS of viruses to choose from now!

This got me thinking: is fester enough of a tax on and/or is progenitor enough to mitigate the effects of purging counters when running a virus heavy (or almost all virus deck)?

I decided to see what an all virus deck would look like, and so I slapped some stuff together. I quickly had over 70 cards with no obvious throw-outs. Perhaps I'm thinking too broadly in terms of strategy, as I have recursion, DLR to make the Corp think twice before tagging, cyberfeeder, aesops, daily casts, cache and Gorman for economy, plus inject (because recursion) for speed, and, of course, tons of cards that trash as many cards as often as possible. I'll post (what I have of) a deck list if this turns out to be something that won't fall flat on its face.



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I think, with viruses, you need to decide which path you want your deck to take.  Will it be a deck that wants to access as many cards as possible (Parasites/Datasuckers for ICE, Medium/Nerve Agent for multi-access) or will it be a deck that trashes as much as possible (Imp/Gravedigger/Hemorrhage).  MemStrips to help Memory for Viruses, but if you try to run everything, then MU and economy could be tricky.




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That solves the problem of focus. I was tinkering last night and got it down to 50 cards. I figure Noise would do plenty of trashing from RnD, so DLR and Gravedigger are expendable, but I needed to include a rig (even if it's just Darwin with datasuckers/e3 for most ICE and parasites for the rest), and of course, economy.

I'll edit this post with my deck once I'm back on my PC, but the primary question still stands: is a virus heavy/all virus deck viable with only fester (those stack, right) as a deterrent to and progenitor as defense against constant purges? Am I missing other ways to tax/mitigate?

Last is economy. My biggest problem has always been understanding which decks need burst and which need steady drip. Just as confusing is which to choose. I've settled on 3xLA and 3xCache for burst and I've been toying with the idea of HaW + Adjusted Chronotype for steady drip, but that takes 5 turns to break even and needs to be played early in order to get good use out of it,which probably means x2 of each. Daily Casts (what I originally had), or even Kati just seem like more efficient options, especially with such limited deck space.  Also wondering how having 0 event-based economy cards will work...


Total Cards: (50)
1x Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire (Core) 
Event: (9)
2x Deja Vu (Core) 
2x Demolition Run (Core) 
2x Immolation Script (Chrome City) 
3x Surge (Humanity's Shadow) 
Hardware: (10)
1x Archives Interface (Order and Chaos) 
3x Clone Chip (Creation and Control) ■■ ■■ ■■ 
3x Cyberfeeder (Core) 
1x E3 Feedback Implants (Trace Amount) ■■ 
2x Grimoire (Core) 
Program: (20)
3x Cache (The Spaces Between) ■ ■ ■ 
1x Darwin (Future Proof) 
2x Datasucker (Core) 
2x Djinn (Core) 
2x Hivemind (Order and Chaos) 
2x Imp (What Lies Ahead) 
2x Incubator (The Source) 
2x Medium (Core) 
2x Parasite (Core) 
2x Progenitor (Order and Chaos) 
Resource: (11)
1x Adjusted Chronotype (The Valley) 
2x Aesop's Pawnshop (Core) ■■ ■■ 
3x Fester (Up and Over) 
1x Hard at Work (Second Thoughts) 
3x Liberated Account (Trace Amount) 
1x Virus Breeding Ground (Order and Chaos) 




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I will post my list in a bit. Its designed as a single run winner, but if set up early can multi run or if locked out can mill for a win. I use a single Darwin as my breaker




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12 influence spent (max 15) ••••••••••••

50 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Order and Chaos

Event Event (15)

2x Day Job

2x Demolition Run

2x Déjà Vu

2x I've Had Worse

3x Retrieval Run

2x Sure Gamble

2x The Maker's Eye ••••

Hardware Hardware (4)

2x Cyberfeeder

1x Grimoire

1x R&D Interface ••

Resource Resource (11)

1x Aesop's Pawnshop ••

2x Armitage Codebusting

2x Data Leak Reversal

2x Earthrise Hotel

2x Fester

2x Virus Breeding Ground





Icebreaker Icebreaker (1)

1x Darwin

Program Program (19)

2x Datasucker

1x Deep Thought ••

2x Djinn

2x Gorman Drip v1 ••

2x Gravedigger

2x Hivemind

2x Incubator

1x Medium

3x Parasite

2x Progenitor
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Gorman drip helps with economy, also consider adding Hades shard for the auto win run on archives. This deck takes a while to build the full rig but is surprisingly adaptable. So can mill early with gravedigger, if you get djinn/darwin early can go for the runs. Also when your archives get removed the deck can survive without a recursion of patasite




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I've been playing with a friend who ran a pretty standard economy Weyland deck, and he crushed me pretty soundly.  I won, perhaps 20%, and could have maybe won a couple more if I had read the signs correctly.  The deck's problem is that it is incredibly slow to build.  Once ICE is up, I'm effectively locked out until my rig is set up, and by that time he's already scored 3 agendas and has 4 ICE in front of his scoring server.  I will try some of my other runners against him to see if it's just his deck, but I can't find a groove with this deck yet.  It looks good on paper (to me), but man it's been painful trying to figure out what's wrong.


Here's the deck:


Horn of Joruman 1.3 (45 cards)
Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire
Event (10)
2 Deja Vu
2 Immolation Script
3 Sure Gamble
3 Surge
Hardware (7)
3 Clone Chip
2 Cyberfeeder
2 Grimoire
Resource (7)
3 Fester
2 Kati Jones
2 Virus Breeding Ground
Icebreaker (1)
1 Darwin
Program (20)
3 Cache
2 Datasucker
2 Djinn
1 Hivemind
3 Incubator
2 Medium
3 Parasite
2 Progenitor
2 Self-modifying Code

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: Anarch, Noise, Virus, Grimoire