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Treachery - What can it cancel?

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Best Answer Grimwalker , 17 August 2015 - 02:37 PM

I think this is a language barrier issue. The event technically says "Interrupt: When the effects of a triggered ability would initiate, cancel those effects." but with a built in limitation on which Triggered Abilities it can hit: Character, Location, or Attachment.


"Triggered Ability" is defined in the Rules Reference Guide: 


Triggered Abilities
A triggered ability is any ability with a boldface
precursor followed by a colon and the rest of the
ability. This incudes actions, phase specific actions,
interrupts, reactions, forced interrupts or reactions,
and when revealed abilities.
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Limits and Maxima (RRG, p. 12)

If the effects of a card or ability with a limit or a maximum are canceled, it is still counted against the limit/maximum. 




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Hi. I need some help to consolidate my knowledge :)


Here is a situation that occured earlier today.


My opponent initiate a MIL challenge using Mirri Maz Duur (who had just got her icon from Syrio Forel).

I lose that challenge.

When we reach the "claim step" (C of DUCK), my opponent decides to trigger her reaction that reads:


Interrupt: When claim is applied for a challenge in which Mirri Maz Duur is attacking alone, choose a character controlled by the losing opponent. Instead of the normal claim effects, kill that character.



Proudly, I trigger my Treachery in the hopes of canceling her effect... 


Here is the question: What did I cancel exactly ?

1) Did I cancel the claim replacement effect ? or 2) Did I cancel the "killing of the chosen character" ?


If #1 : it would mean I would have to satisfy a military claim, killing a character of my choice.

If #2 : everyone on the board is safe for now ! 


Thanks in advance for your clarification :)



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You canceled "Instead of the normal claim effects, kill that character". The claim replacement effect. So now you need to satisfy regular claim.