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Example: Swarm Guard + Leviathan Hive Ship; Termagant Horde + retreat questions

Swarm Guard Leviathan Hive Ship Termagant Horde

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I have two questions:
1) I have Swarm Guard (Hive Mind - Each Termagant token you control at this planet gets +2 HP) with 4 damages and 5 termagants with 1 damage on each at the planet.
My opponent kills Swarm Guard - i use as reaction Leviathan Hive Ship (After a unit you control with the Hive Mind specialization and printed cost 3 or lower is destroyed, exhaust this support to put that unit into play from your discard pile exhausted at a planet) to save Swarm Guard
Question: do termagants survive?
2) Situation: fight at the planet - Termagant Horde (After a combat round at this planet begins, put 1 Termagant token into play at this planet) vs goff boyz.
All units already exhausted(end of combat round). So all units become ready and players may retreat units.
Question: Will Termagant Horde spawn a termagant if
- goff boyz retreats?
- Termagant Horde retreats?



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1) No.

Leviathan Hive Ship's ability is a Reaction, so it happens after the thing it is reacting to. In other words, there's a period of time between the Hive Guard leaving play and reentering play, during which all the termagants will die.

Also worth noting that any attachments you have on the Swarm Guard won't reenter play either, and that for all intents and purposes, the Hive Guard is treated as a new entity once its passed through the out of play area. For example, if it has any sort of ongoing effect applying to it (for example, been targeted by Hallowed Librarium's ability) then those effects will no longer apply.


2) Yes if Goff Boyz retreats. No if Termagant Horde retreats.

Termagant Horde's reaction is to a combat round beginning. All that is required is for the unit to be present at the planet when the combat round begins.

Retreating is part of step "3.2.9 Combat Round Ends", so happens before the next round begins. Therefore if you retreat the Horde, its not present at the beginning of the next round.

If you don't retreat the Horde, then it IS present.

A battle doesn't end until you have an unopposed ready unit about to take its combat turn. So if Goff Boyz retreats, the termagant horde reacts to the start of the next combat round. Then there's an action window. Then its the turn of the tyranid player to attack, and the combat ends at that point.


That action window before combat ending is actually really important in a lot of rules circumstances: for example, using Mekaniak Field Krew's ability repeatedly when it is unopposed at a planet, or using Tense Negotiations with your unopposed Warlord, and so on.



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Per the guidelines, a reminder to split rules questions into separate threads if possible so that each can be categorized for easy searching later. Thanks.