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Dayton Regional Tournament Report

Tournament Report Broderick Worr Competitive Regional

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Here's my tournament report from the recent Dayton Regional. I was running what I am going to classify as a tempo/control variant of Broderick Worr with Ork allies. I've been playing practically nothing but Worr since before his release and I absolutely love his playstyle and theme. Anyways, without further ado, I'll jump into my match reports as best I can remember them half a week later. Sorry in advance if I missed anything or messed up anyone's name. 

Round 1 – Dragon G. (Eldorath/Tau Vehicles)

Dragon was the only Chicago meta player to make the long drive out for this regional. It was a pretty standard game start for both players with him bullying some planets away early. Eventually I managed to set up a situation where he would either have to go to one to secure it or let me set-up on my victory condition. He chose the former and moved his Wildrider Squadron with DDS over after the combat round ended there and his Wildrider Vyper with Starcannon followed, one Warrant later and his board was clear and I was set-up at my victory planet with him having no threats. Win.

Round 2 – Matt K. (Broderick Worr/Ork)

I believe Matt was the only other Worr player there on the day. I really dislike the Worr mirror as it is very volatile on who draws better for the most part. A pre-emptive barrage can end the game early if one warlord gets bloodied and an early Barracks can effectively win the game outright unless it is answered. Matt plays a very combo/aggressive deck using the new even Bolster the Defense and a ton of supports; it’s pretty tight to see in action but not quite my style.  I also faced him round 2 at the Michigan regional where he beat me handily due to an early Forward Barracks making me life a real pain. Lightning apparently strikes twice here as once more he ends his deployment with forward barracks. The flop was mostly green as well making no planet particularly safe to contest. By the end of turn 1 he had generated 3 guardsmen off of the barracks and I knew the game was pretty much done unless I also saw my barracks right then and there. Fate wasn’t so kind for me, and I lost on turn 3.

Round 3 – Alex G. aka darkdistroi (Morn/Chaos)

Alex is my main playtest partner so we both knew each other’s deck inside and out. I’d say my deck is favored unless he shuts me out of command from the get-go. He did draw a stellar command hand, but I kept a hand with 7 hammers plus promotion turn 1. He ended up using Raiding Portal and Flayed Skull Slavers to great effect netting him a ton of resource, but I kept cards out of his reach. By the final battle I had 2 Troop Transports and a load of units already in play. He finally had 6 or so cards do to a Tarrus trigger the turn before and I believe a whopping 24 resources. He ended up playing a Warpstorm, a Klaivex, and an Inevitable Betrayal in all but it still wasn’t quite enough to wipe me out with me still having the transports and an Elysian Assault Team in hand. Win.

Round 4 – Kevin F. (Eldorath/DE)

Kevin just moved to Cincinnati and I just met him about a month ago when I was visiting family. He’s still relatively new to the game but he’s no bad player by any means. He hadn’t bought the Planetfall cycle packs yet so I had helped him set up an old skool Eldorath deck, as he seemed to like the playstyle. I had a hand full of tricks including Elysian Assault Team and a Forward Barracks. One of the main weaknesses of the classic control Eldorath is swarms and unfortunately for him, he just couldn’t keep up with my constant replenishment of units. Win.

Top 8 – Josh S. aka Crikrunner (Nazdreg/AM)

Josh is another local meta-mate who has Dakka in his veins as he almost exclusively plays Orks. He brought a fun Smasha Gun deck to this regional and actually did alright over-all. He played a Smasha Gun Battery early and another on turn 2; I knew I had to tread carefully. Every turn, I emptied my hand to minimize the damage being done to me and used ammo depot after he had exhausted them both to maximize my units on the field. I ended up choosing not to draw cards in command as well to prevent the batteries from hitting me first thing in deploy for more than 2-3 damage total. Eventually, I out-attritioned Nazdreg as all of his units had died to the guns and he was bloodied not long thereafter. The next turn, I used a barrage that would have killed him but he opted to blow himself up with an Ork Kannon instead. Win.

Top 4 – Jordan (Commander Starblaze Vehicles)

This deck was the underdog hero of this tournament, making use of Standard Bearer and Drone Defense system in Starblaze is pretty cool and had been catching people off guard (hah, get it?) all day. This deck alone convinced me that Standard Bearer is worth a lot of testing and quite a strong card. The flop was 3 green for the first planets and my hand was very aggressive with a ton of control. He played a turn 1 Valkyrie with a Dozer Blade to planet 2 turn 1 but ended up committing way down the line to command snipe instead of bullying planet 1 with it so my Platoon took it away from his Mystic Warden. The next turn I used a Fortress to rout the Valkyrie and take planet two after dealing it some damage. Turn 3 I flooded the first planet with everything in hand, hit him with a Pre-emptive Barrage, and Suppressive Fire’d the Valkyrie after he ambushed Standard Bearer to ready it. Even with a Bond of Brotherhood, he couldn’t withstand the stopping power I had. Win.

Finals – Patt E (Eldorath/Tau Vehicles)

Pat is a helluva player who won the Ohio regional last year with Aun’shi and placed well into the top cut at nationals as well so I knew I was in for a great game ahead of me. I kept a starting hand of great command and Forward Barracks. I also ended up winning some early planets but he saw two Bonesinger Choir on turn one and two which helped him push me off a crucial planet with a  Mighty Wraithknight and giving him a win condition at the next planet which was a tri-con. Over the course of the early game, I ended up using all 3 Pre-emptive Barrage as shields in order to secure Forward Barracks triggers since he could likely nullify any attempts to use it otherwise beforehand. Going into turn 5 he had two Drone Defense Systems out, one on a Wildrider Squadron in HQ and another on a Soaring Falcon at planet one. I put everything I had at one to push him off his win condition and played the first Troop Transport I’d seen that game. The battle was tense, with me using Suppressive Fire to exhaust out the ready Soaring Falcon and do as much damage as I could to everything. I ended up removing both DDS and played a bit around Gift of Isha by killing the Falcon with the last of my ready units after using Troop Transport. The combat round ended, I grabbed a guardsman off of Forward Barracks, and Pat conceded telling me he was out of shields with no Gift of Isha. Tense and well-fought win.

There you have it, my perspective on the Dayton regionals. While only 13 showed up, the level of competition was nothing short of top tier. The only thing higher than the level of play was the level of sportsmanship and camaraderie as everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the games. Huge thanks to all of my opponents for the great games and showings, Bell Book & Comic for the venue, and Sean Powell for being an understanding and excellent TO.

I will hold off on posting my list until my run in the current Black Crusade League ends, since I’d rather not give out the exact details of how many of what and whichever I run; but will link it here as soon as that does happen. Stay tuned. 

You can expect videos of this event to be commentated over on The Hive Tyrant's youtube channel, though when that happens is up to him :P

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Dem sneeky Guardz nub hab enugh cards fer de big smashas 



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Man, pretty lethal tournament it sounds like. Wish I could make it out to one of those tournaments. Great job.

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