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Yoda's Hut Special Announcement - Star Wars Destiny videos with commentary

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 New episode of Yoda's Hut featuring Star Wars Destiny game play is now up.  Queklaine joined me for commentary as usual.


This is another game I played against my good friend Jerry using cards I got at the Spirit of Rebellion preview events.  The only two new characters I got that day were Maz and Chirrut, so I put together a couple decks with each of them for us to use.  This is very casual game play so we were taking our time.


Here are the decklists with a * next to SoR cards.


yodaman's decklist


Elite Poe
Chirrut Imwe


Battlefield:  Emperor’s Throne Room


Upgrades (14)

2x DH-17 Blaster Pistol
2x Holdout Blaster
2x IQA-11 Blaster
2x Lightsaber
2x Luke’s Lightsaber
2x Rey’s Staff
2x Vibroknife


Supports (2)

2x Launch Bay


Events (14)
2x Defensive Position
2x Deflect
2x Guerilla Warfare
2x Hit and Run
2x It’s a Trap
2x Logistics
1x Rejuvenate
1x Use the Force


Jerry's decklist was:


Elite Padme Amidala
Maz Kanata
Rebel Trooper


Battlefield: Command Center


Upgrades (15)
1x Comlink
2x Cunning
1x Datapad
2x Diplomatic Immunity
2x Hunker Down
1x Lone Operative
2x Promotion
2x Scout
2x Second Chance


Supports (1)

1x Millennium Falcon


Events (14)

1x Draw Attention
2x Dug In
2x Electroshock
2x Field Medic
1x Flank
1x Hyperspace Jump
2x Logistics
2x Take Cover
1x Unpredictable


Thanks for watching Yoda's Hut.  Comments and suggestions are always appreciated.   Enjoy the game!




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New episode of Yoda's Hut with a casual game of Destiny between myself and pantsyg.  This fun game was played before the Star Wars LCG Store Championship held at Gamer's Armory in Cary, NC back in early June.


I played Palpatine/Royal Guard and pantsyg played elite Luke/Maz.  Queklaine joined me for commentary as usual. 


Enjoy the game!


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