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Rules questions: Beorn and end of the round effects

rules beorn bifur

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Hello everyone. I have several tricky question about rules which I cannot resolve myself.


Q1: Does Bifur ability allows to pay resources from Beorn? As I see wording, immune doesn’t prevent from spending resources so it’s legal to pay resources from the bear. Bifur’s ability interacts with resources, not with Beorn himself.


“Action: Pay 1 resource from a hero's resource pool to add 1 resource to Bifur's resource pool. Any player may trigger this ability. (Limit once per round.)”


Q2: Scenario Fog on the Barrow-downs. At the end of the first round we place 1 progress on the quest and proceed to the next stage and then reveal encounter cards. So if we reveal the card “Frozen by Fear”  does its effect lasts until the end of the next round or we still at the end of the previous round and this effect fades off? As far as I know "until the end of the round" effect trigger before "at the end of the round" so we must spend the whole next round without actions and responses?


Surge.   Doomed 1.  When Revealed: Until the end of the round, players cannot trigger Action or Response effects.




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A. I'm pretty sure you can spend your Beorn resources to put onto Bifur.  Your reasoning seems correct.


B. Since it doesn't say "next round" on the card, and you are technically still in the processes of ending the current round, I'd say the When Revealed effect has no affect but you still get Surge and Doomed 1.

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