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Huge LotR LCG Collection for Sale

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Contact me if interested:


All cards boxed in two core sets with Broken Token inserts, plus binder for rules and inserts.

Retail values:

$14.95 Adventure pack X30

29.95 Deluxe Expansion X9

$39.95 Core Set X2

$19.99 Broken Token Inserts X2

$4.99 Card Sleeves X8

$5.00 Binder X1


2 Core Sets

The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill Deluxe Expansion

The Hobbit: On the Doorstep Deluxe Expansion

The Black Riders Deluxe Expansion

The Road Darkens Deluxe Expansion

The Treason of Saruman Deluxe Expansion


Shadows of Mirkwood Cycle

The Hunt for Gollum

Conflict at the Carrock

A Journey to Rhosgobel

The Hills of Emyn Muil

The Dead Marshes

Return to Mirkwood

Khazad-Dum Deluxe Expansion

The Dwarrowdelf Cycle

The Redhorn Gate

Road to Rivendell

The Watcher in the Water

The Long Dark

Foundations of Stone

Shadow and Flame

Heirs of Numenor Deluxe Expansion

Against the Shadow Cycle

The Steward’s Fear

The Druadan Forest

Encounter at Amon Din

Assault on Osgiliath

The Blood of Gondor

The Morgul Vale

Voice of Isengard Deluxe Expansion

The Ring-Maker Cycle

The Dunland Trap

The Three Trials

Trouble in Tharbad

The Nin-in-Eilph

Celebrimbor’s Secret

The Antlered Crown


The Forgotten Realm Deluxe Expansion

Angmar Awakened Cycle

The Wastes of Eriador

Escape from Mount Gram

Across the Ettenmoors

The Treachery of Rhudaur


GenCon Adventure Packs

The Massing at Osgiliath

The Battle of Lake-Town





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Hello, I am interested in this collection. What are you asking?




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are they still available?