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Lion Clan Deckbuilding and Theorycrafting Thread

L5R Lion Clan Deckbuilding Theorycraft

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Alright, so my Politicats deck is further back in the list, but you can find it on Bushibuilder if you're curious. V12 was Keeper of Fire, and Crane splash. It is deisgned to be quite a hang back defensive deck that manages to claw up to 25 honour. 


With the new roles and cycle, I decided to give Seeker of Void a go, to see what new options or changes might come with it. I figured the new bonus options were Kami Unleashed, Raging battlefield, and some Phoenix cards that are interesting to try out, such as Jurojin's Curse. I threw in the shugenja duel, mainly for Spiritcaller duels, and using Contingency Plan to gain an honour by surprise. Raging Battlefield allows me to blunt attacks by surprise, or to get a surprise honour by saccing one of my one small weenies, who has been honoured.

All great ideas. I have not made it work once in ten games, not even close. I went back to V12 and won by Honour straight away. Any thoughts how I could leverage Seeker of Void better? Should I try it with my Crane splash, instead of swapping to Phoenix? What else could be handy that Seeker or Void open up?



Politicats (Honourable Lion v14)
by: Aaron
Yōjin no Shiro  (Core)
Seeker of Void
Before the Throne  (The Chrysanthemum Throne)
Raging Battleground  (All and Nothing)
Shameful Display  (Core)
The Art of War  (Core)
Upholding Authority  (Tainted Lands)
Dynasty Deck (40)
Character (37)
2   Obstinate Recruit  (Core)
3   Ikoma Prodigy  (Core)
2   Matsu Berserker  (Core)
3   Steadfast Samurai  (Core)
3   Akodo Toshiro  (The Chrysanthemum Throne)
2   Gifted Tactician  (Tears of Amaterasu)
2   Miya Mystic  (Core)
2   Tireless Sōdan Senzo  (The Ebb and Flow)
3   Venerable Historian  (Core)
3   Ikoma Ikehata  (The Fires Within)
3   Kitsu Spiritcaller  (Core)
3   Lion's Pride Brawler  (Core)
3   Honored General  (Core)
3   Kudaka  (Breath of the Kami)
Holding (3)
3   Imperial Storehouse  (Core)
Conflict Deck (41)
Attachment (9)
2   Jurōjin's Curse  (The Fires Within)
2   Seal of the Lion  (Fate Has No Secrets)
3   Cloud the Mind  (Core)
2   Honored Blade  (Core)
Character (3)
3   Kami Unleashed  (Disciples of the Void)
Event (29)
3   All and Nothing  (All and Nothing)
3   Contingency Plan  (Core)
3   Court Games  (Core)
3   Even the Odds  (Breath of the Kami)
2   For Shame!  (Core)
2   Policy Debate  (For Honor and Glory)
3   Ready for Battle  (Core)
2   Taryū-Jiai  (Elements Unbound)
3   Way of the Lion  (Core)
2   Rout  (Core)
3   Way of the Chrysanthemum  (The Chrysanthemum Throne)



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A few things for my Honourable Lions.


Kudaka is cool with the Air ring, but because I have limited fate and conflict cards most of the time, I can't guarantee I'm going to win the air ring a lot. Also, she costs 4! So I have removed her from the deck.


I brought back Staging Ground. My board affecting effects are more reliably found in the Dynasty and so i want to see as much of it as possible.


I have found that I am struggling against decks that can invest more in their characters (building a wider board then I can cope with) and decks that go extremely fast (HMT...). Honour at the moment seems to occupy a sweet spot where my opponent has to work hard to break provinces, so I don't want them to find it too easy to break through, or build up for too long. So I've put in 3 Waning Hostilities and find them great. Easier to defend once and limit honour loss, and also it ends up removing a fate from everyone on the board and limit how effective a well-built board can be over a single turn.


I tried out Seeker, mainly to see if the Kami Unleashed could let me burst honour, but didn't feel it was as effective. Raging Battleground on my Stronghold was fun, but never allowed me to destroy one of my own honoured units to surprise my opponent with an honour win.




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I'm a former Honor Crane player who burned out on losing constantly and decided to change gears to Lion. What are some cards that I should definitely include in my deck, and which ones look good on paper, but are not worth the risk?

I'm leaning towards a Bushi military deck, but don't know whether I should splash Crab for Pathfinder's Blade or Crane for (possibly) Disdainful Remark and Political Rival to give some extra POL defense. Also, as Lion cares more about being more honorable than the opponent, is it worth running Way of the Chrysanthemum to try for the early solid Honor lead.



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I'm running this as my Honour Lion at the moment. If you scroll back a page or two, you can see me and Asklepios discussing the best way to run this sort of thing.Feel free to ask questions about what I've got here.




I originally chose Crane in order to have a better defense, to hold off the opponent while I tried to get up the honour. Phoenix looks interesting for a more aggressive version of the same thing, but that never really clicked for me.




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This is the deck that I ran at the tournament on Saturday. It did decently well for something I threw together, went 2-2 (considering that my average is... less than that as Crane, I'll chalk it up as a win).


Seeker of Void

Yojin no Shiro

Ancestral Lands
Meditations on the Tao
The Art of War
Appealing to the Fortunes
Shameful Display

Dynasty Deck
Characters (36)

3 Obstinate Recruit
3 Steadfast Samurai
3 Tactician's Apprentice
3 Matsu Berserker
1 Miya Mystic
3 Ikoma Tsanuri
3 Akodo Gunso

3 Gifted Tactician

3 Matsu Beiona

3 Lion's Pride Brawler
3 Honored General
2 Ikoma Ujiaki
3 Matsu Seventh Legion

Holdings (4)
3 Imperial Storehouse
1 The Imperial Palace

Conflict Deck

Characters (6)
2 Political Rival
2 Kami Unleashed
2 Master of the Spear

Attachments (8)
3 Honored Blade
3 Guidance of the Ancestors
2 Kamayari

Events (26)

3 Ready for Battle

3 Way of the Lion

3 Stand Your Ground

3 A Legion of One
3 Even the Odds
3 Test of Courage

3 For Greater Glory

3 Strength in Numbers

2 Way of the Chrysanthemum

My thoughts on the deck
Running Matsu 7th Legion was a mistake, I played it exactly once, and cheated it into play once with Appealing to the Fortunes. I'm going to cut it and either put in Akodo Kage to help shore up the Politics side while denying the opponent cards, or Matsu Mitsuko so I can throw bowed characters into fights to help prevent honor loss and giving another Commander for Even the Odds to honor. I'm also going to cut the Miya Mystic to throw in a third Ikoma Ujiaki. Other than that, the Dynasty deck worked fairly well for swarming the field, with most of the cards being cheap enough that I didn't care if they had things like Cloud the Mind put on them because I could easily replace them or throw on more fate with For Greater Glory.

As far as Provinces go, I'll probably drop Appealing to the Fortunes, because in a cheap weenie deck, it doesn't do that much. I'll probably replace it with the Before the Throne, or change Seeker of Void to Keeper of Fire and run Feast or Famine.

For the Conflict Deck, I'm on the fence about either dropping A Legion of One and bumping the three characters up to 3-ofs, or dropping the two Kami Unleashed and putting in a third Political Rival and Master of the Spear. A Legion of One is a bit more situational than the other cards in the deck, but if I change from Seeker to Keeper of Fire, then I can keep them in while cutting Kami Unleashed (or drop both Kami Unleashed and A Legion of One and bump Political Rival and Master of the Spear up to 3 and put in 3 Vengeful Oathkeeper). Other than that, most of the cards seemed to work fairly well.

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