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Netrunner - Box Game Equivalent Decks for all factions.

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I did a search and didn't find too much up to date info like this.


I want to create a boxed version of Netrunner that I can bring to my experienced board gaming friends, and I'm looking for recommendations on decks to build. Some of these friends enjoy Netrunner a lot but don't have the time to deckbuild (like myself), but others are interested in learning, but are experienced enough with card games to dive right into advanced play.


So I wanted to create and maintain a box with a deck of 1, maybe 2, decks of every faction. To start, 1 shaper, 1 anarch, 1 criminal, 1 HB, 1 Jinteki, and 1 Weyland deck. And what the heck, 1 of all 3 special runners too.


These would be Tournament ready, rotation ready, and interesting to play against any other deck pairing. I'm willing to buy extras of any cards I might need to fulfill this.


I got this idea from buying the 2016 championship decks and those two were an interesting match up. Everyone I let try these decks have a great time. However, I also agree with all the changes here or upcoming in the revised core, and rotation so these aren't quite.


I also have the 2015 Corp deck, which I hear is a good staple deck if you revised a few parts of it that aren't legal anymore.


Any suggestions?

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