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CoC collection for sale

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Everything sold.



Repost from Sales section for visibility.


I’ve got a collection of CoC LCG and CCG cards for sale. All cards are used and generally in very good condition. No boxes, just the cards. I currently ship from the U.S.


LCG cards



1x The Thing from the Shore

1x The Spawn of the Sleeper

1x Twilight Horror

1x Ancient Horrors (1 copy each of Norm Grzbowski, Demented Caretaker, Ghatanothoa have a printing error where the card image is shifted towards the right, so there’s a disproportionately wide left border)


The above four are 2008 edition, but I’ve sorted them into 3x of each card, so effectively they’re the revised editions.


2x 1x Whispers in the Dark

1x Murmurs of Evil

4x 3x The Spoken Covenant

2x The Wailer Below

2x Screams from Within

2x The Cacophony

2x The Twilight Beckons

2x Perilous Trials

2x Initiations of the Favored

2x Aspirations of Ascension

2x The Gleaming Spiral (one is still sealed in plastic)

2x That Which Consumes

2x The Shifting Sands

1x The Breathing Jungle

1x At the Mountains of Madness (2008 edition with 40 cards)



Deluxe expansions


2x The Order of the Silver Twilight

2x Secrets of Arkham (cards are 2010 edition but I’ve sorted them into 3x of each card)




The CCG cards mainly form the core set in the LCG with varying quantities of each card, the rest is just one Dunwich Denizens CCG pack. I’d very much prefer to sell all the CCG “cores” in one go.


CCG cards link-  https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing


MARKED for the CCG cards means that the previous owner scribbled on the cards to make them the equivalent of the LCG, as icons/skill were adjusted slightly for some CCG cards that made it to the LCG core set, and the owner changed them by hand. I apologize for the damage.

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How much are you asking for this collection?




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PM'd. Also, Spawn of the Sleeper has been sold.