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Looking for a few Draft Cards

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I know everyone here advised not to attempt to get a "set" of draft cards, but the packs were super cheap, so I bought 10x Draft packs, and 2x Draft Starters (I'm aware I only needed 1 starter).  Now I just need 36 cards to have a full set and was wondering if anyone has any laying around they aren't using.  I'm aware they are just reprints of the regular cards in the sets, I just want to get the copies with the Draft symbol on them for completion sake.  I have a ton of draft cards for trade, or I'll be willing to just straight up buy these if you have them at a reasonable price.  Thanks in advance for any help.  I'm trying not to have to buy more draft packs to complete this totally unnecessary set.  Here is the list of what I'm missing:


Agency: 6
Abbess Allegria Di Biase
Norman Blackwood, Jr., Scholarly Detective
Sam Archer
Sister Sofia
The Captain
The White Ship

Cthulhu: 3
Julia Brown, Oddly Amphibious
Padma Amrita, Cold-blooded Charmer
Sibilant Cry

Hastur: 4
In the court of the dragon
N'yog-Sothep, The Nameless Mist
The Cavern of Flame, Gateway to the Dreamlands

Miskatonic: 2
Andrew Chapman
Ultima Thule, Beyond the Known World

Shub: 5
Burrowing Beneath
Dark Rebirth
Ghoul Taint
Hungry Dark Young
Shub Niggurath "The All Mother"

Silver Twilight: 4
Guardian of Dawn
Initiate of Huang Hun
Magnus Stiles
Nigel St. James

Syndicate: 3
Lena Di Boerio
O'Bannion's Inner Council, Blood is Thicker
The Night Job

Yog: 2
Eltdown Shards, Book of Hidden Things
Ritual of Bellephar

Neutral: 7
Aliki Zoni Uperetria
Parallel Universe
Pocket Telescope
The Dark Side of the Moon
The Rays of Dawn, Cleansing Light
The Sanguine Watcher, He Sees What Is Not There

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