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Rules Question: Padawan + Blue Weapon + Destiny

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If I want to play a Lightsaber (3 cost) on a Padawan (without any upgrades) and use Destiny to do it, do I remove a combined value of 2 or 3?
I know the FAQ says:
•“Before” effects that decrease the cost of a card cannot
be used in combination with Destiny to play a card with a
higher value.
But as far as I can tell the Padawan ability is an "ongoing" ability and not a "before" ability which is a "triggered" ability.
The cards read:
Padawan: While this character does not have an upgrade, the cost to attach a weapon to it is decreased by 1.
Destiny: Remove any number of your Blue dice. Play a card from your hand for free that costs equal to or less than the combined value of the Blue dice you just removed.



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I dont think it works.  I would say that destiny refers to the cost of the card, more specifically, the printed cost.  That would be determined before you assign it to the padawan.  So i dont think you will get the discount in that scenario