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Have /Want list

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Hi all, I looking for some cards from Assault on Ulthuan (all cards must be in MINT condition, english). I can also buy this cards:

altar of khaine
asuryans cleansing
bathe in blood
battle standard
blood frenzy
dark visions
defend tor aendris
for ulthuan
lokhir fellheart
mountain barracks
night raids
sack tor aendris
scrap heap
shrine of asuryan
take captive!
temple of vaul
wake the dragons
I offer cards from Core set (MINT condition, english). I can also sell this cards:
a glorious death
armoury x2
black orc squad x2
blood for the blood god
boar boyz
contested fortress x2
contested stronghold x2
contested village x2
crooked teef goblins x2
cut supply lines x5
dark zealot
defend the border
defender of the hold x2
demoralise x2
dwarf ranger
favour of mork x2
festering nurglings x2
followers of mork
forced march
forgotten cemetery x2
free company
grudge thrower
hammerer of karak azul x2
huntsmen x2
chaos knights
church of sigmar
journey to the gate
keystone forge x2
lobber crew x2
mountain brigade
pistoliers x2
prepare for war!
reiksguard knights x2
reinforcements x5
runesmith x2
sabotage x5
savage gors x2
savage marauders x2
seduced by darkness
servants of khorne x2
shifting tides
shrine to nurgle x2
smash em all!
squig herders x2
striking the grudge
the greatswords
troll slayers x2
warpstone excavation x2
warrior priests x2
wez bigga!