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Queen of the Andals 2018 - Sep 22nd @ FFG

- - - - - #yasqueen

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The King is dead, long live the Queen!

Minnesota’s premiere Game of Thrones tournament has been reborn as "Queen of the Andals." Join us on September 22nd at the Fantasy Flight Games Center and bear witness the arrival of the true Queen of Westeros.

This year, we're shaking things up. There are beautiful playmats still on the line for the top 4 players, but for everyone else you will choose your desired rewards using a point-based system. You'll gain points for each match you participate in and the better you perform during the tournament, the more points you'll earn to exchange for prizes. But even if your performance isn't what you had hoped for, you'll still walk away with plenty of goodies.

In addition, every participant will also be given a new (and gorgeous) alt art version of Blood of the Dragon featuring a stunning illustration by Claudia Carafe. Please RSVP on Facebook so we can accommodate for space and prizes. 

Fire and blood!

----- PRIZES -----

Winner: Champion playmat
Top 4: Queen of the Andals playmat
Top 8: The Wars to Come alt art
Participation: Blood of the Dragon alt art
Point-based: *see list below*

1) Valar Dohaeris
2) Besieged
3) Time of Plenty
4) A Clash of Kings
5) Trade Routes
6) Fallen From Favor
7) Retaliation
8) Calm Over Westeros
9) You Win or You Die
10) Compelled by the Faith
11) Calling the Banners 
12) A Feast for Crows
13) Wildfire Assault
14) Counting Coppers
15) A Song of Summer
16) Close Call
17) Famine
18) Blood of the Dragon
19) Superior Claim
20) Highgarden Courtier
21) Daenerys's Favor
22) Stormcrows
23) The Things I Do For Love
24) Arya Stark
25) Dacey Mormont
26) Bodyguard
27) Milk of the Poppy
28) Great Hall
29) Gates of the Moon
30) Nightmares
31) The Wars to Come
32) Banner of the Wolf
33) Banner of the Dragon
34) Greensight
35) The Lord of the Crossing

Yes, you read that right. We're offering over thirty unique alt arts at this tournament. And believe it or not, there's still more to come. The best part is, you pick what you want to walk away with. Of course, we'll have a bunch of official FFG alt arts on hand too, if that's what you want to spend your points on.

Speaking of points, there's one other way you can earn them. Once per round, 3 extra points will be on the line. To earn them, you (or your opponent) must marshal, setup, or play a Queen character (or give a character the "Queen" trait). As soon as this happens, the first player at the table who raises their hand and shouts "YASSS QUEEN!!!" will receive the bonus points. A spoken "yas queen" at conversational volume will not be accepted. Additional "YASSS QUEEN'S" from other players is not only permitted, but encouraged. To summarize:

+ 2 points per match played
+ 2 poins per match won
+ 3 points per #YASQUEEN

----- DETAILS -----

- Joust format
- $10 entry fee
- Cut to top eight
- Decklists are required
- FFG tournament rules apply
- EXCEPTION: All non-FFG alt art cards are allowed
- Number of rounds depends on attendance
- Please arrive early, the tournament begins at 11:00am sharp

----- ABOUT THE ARTIST -----

Claudia Caranfa (kittrose) is responsible for the fiery, gorgeous Daenerys and Drogon artwork that is serving as the centerpiece of our prizes. Check out more of her work on Instagram or find her on DeviantArt at: https://kittrose.deviantart.com/

----- NEARBY HOTELS -----

Key Inn and Suites
2550 Cleveland Ave N, Roseville, MN 55113
(651) 636-6730

Raddison Hotel
2540 North Cleveland Avenue, Roseville, MN 55113
(651) 636-4567

Motel 6
2300 Cleveland Ave N, Roseville, MN 55113
(651) 639-3988

Holiday Inn Express
2715 Long Lake Road, Roseville, MN 55113
(651) 294-7200

----- THANK YOU -----

Thank you Ryan Ritter, David Johnson, Jakob Hultman, Luiz Gustavo Bretas, and the Minnesota meta. And a special thanks to the incredibly talented artist, Claudia Caranfa. I'd also like the thank the following artists who collaborated with us to make this tournament possible. In no order:

- Khanh Bui
- Michele Montini
- Diego Gisbert Llorens
- Ian Cooke-Grimes
- Javier Santamaria Carpio
- Eva Maria Toker
- Wisnu Tan
- JP Alcomendas
- Ola Astartte
- Jose Barrero
- Filip Storch
- Ekaterina Litvinova
- Koen Van Mierlo
- Arkadiusz Banas
- Alex Negrea
- Nikolai Lebedev
- Katherine Dinger

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Updated the first post with a ton of new information.

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With the Android Magnum Opus event that is now happening on the same weekend are there any changes to this event?
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With the Android Magnum Opus event that is now happening on the same weekend are there any changes to this event?

Yes! We now have a new date: September 22nd, I've edited the first post here and the event page to reflect the change.

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