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MN Collective Draft 1/26

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Gathered for another draft.  We were expecting more people, but with people getting sick and the cold snap only 3 of us showed up.  So Danny, Ethan and I did a draft…then we ate…then we got bored and decided to draft again with the the left over cards.  The rotation was a bit different having only 3 people and 6 binders, so decks wound up seeing the same same binder more than they did in previous drafts, but the decks still came out interesting.  Danny emerged the front runner for the day in both drafts going a total of 6-2 vs me and Ethan both at 3-5.


1st (Danny)

Affiliation: Jedi (6th pick, 1-1)

Spark of Rebellion x2

Out of their Element x2

Hidden from the Empire

Sacrifice at Endor

Mysteries of the Rim

Wookie Life Debt

Impersonating a Diety

Sowers of Dissension


Affiliation: Navy (1st pick, 2-0)

The Admiral’s Assault x2

Enforced Loyalty

Might of the Empire

Technological Terror

The Last Grand Admiral

Inexorable Destruction

Entrenched Defenses

Spice Trade



2nd (Ethan)

Affiliation: Jedi: No Questions Asked (5th pick, 1-1)

Hero’s Duty

Ties of Blood

Desert Recruitment

Danger in the Wastes

Master’s Domain

Across the Dune Sea

Broken Horn

Questionable Contacts

Renegade Squadron Mobilization

Last Defense of Hoth


Affiliation: Scum (2nd pick, 1-1)

Lucrative Contract

The Hunters

Out of the Mists

Jabba’s Orders

Automated Assassin

Behind the Black Sun

Shadowed Surveillance

Rogue Archaeology

Vader’s Army

Emperor’s Web



3rd (Mick)

Affiliation: Rebel (3rd/4th pick, 1-1)

Haunting the Empire

Sacrifice of Heroes

Hoth Gambit

May the Force Be With You

Hero’s Resolve

Hero’s Journey

Twilight of the Apprentice

Daughter of Tanaab

Last Minute Rescue

Badge of Honor


Affiliation: Scum (3rd/4th pick, 0-2)

Heart of Cold

Feeding the Pit

I Don’t Like You Either

Slave Trade

Shadow of Nar Shaddaa

Lord Vader’s Command

Imperial Command

Pattern Analysis

Cell Block Detention

Support of the Fleet



Random thoughts on this Draft


So if you draft a deck with all the best Navy pods it is not hamstrung by double Piett.  This deck was a monster and Wrecking Ball Piett is a beast.


Order Matters!  Don’t damage your won objectives with Sowers of Dissension on the flop.


Funeral Pyre isn’t fun to play against.


Digging with 3PO to find that one target of opportunity to win the game…


Including a random copy of the Melucci pod in an otherwise coherent Jedi Rebel deck is just a **** move.  Love it.



Plays of the days


Danny Funeral pyres me on my turn, funeral pyres on the beginning of his turn, pays 2 with Kanan, moves a focus from mysteries of the rim over to Kanan and swings playing a force illusion to push out 3 other blockers.  I push an ugnaught forward and make him play an edge battle to win.  Danny exlaims “There was a guy back there!?”  We’ll return to this moment later in the write-up…  Danny wins edge and takes the game…but not how he wanted.  Point: …still him.


Ethan flops Jabba’s Orders and leads into Get me Solo nabbing my core Luke, then plays turn 1 4LOM suddenly making my remaining starting hand of Ezra looks a lot less appealing, but I draw into some tricks.  I attack not expecting any blocks, but he does block and I put in a heat.  He twists and then plays his heat.  I figure he doesn’t have a choke so I strike with Ezra and then force rejuv him to strike again killing 4LOM.


In my game against Danny he starts the game by discarding Piett.  I call him mad.  The deck was meant to do one thing.  He pays 5 and plays the other Piett.  Core Luke shows up and starts wrecking face.  I attack and Danny reveals echoes of the force and seeds to tap out my Luke.  Fortunately, I have an echos of my own that triggers after his.  But the combo is not set up on Piett.  There was some trickiness with the Screed ship stealing black tactics and by the end of the game Piett had 15 edge.  Chased down too many of his lackeys assuming I had time to get around to the man himself…


Danny’s board against Ethan goes super wide.  His has a wookie out with life debt so stuff isn’t leaving play and he’s getting ready to take things out.  He plays double force persuasion to knock out all available blockers and pushes a mystic forward to do 2 capping an objective and sets up his next attack.  Ethan cries “wait wait wait!”  and plays an Aphra jump droid pre-edge.  They bid.  Ethan lays twist.  Danny lays a 2nd.  Ethan lays a 2nd.  Danny lays a 3rd.  Ethan picks up his 2nd with the Garindan objective.  Danny is out.  Ethan reveals twist and lays heat.  Aphra droid swings killing the mystic.  Ethan says “I prefer to take things a step at a time, Daniel!”  Danny says “whatever :-(“



Round 2.  Fight!


We break for a late lunch at the event center.  Talk some about Keyforge and how Danny thought things were cold back in November when we had 30 degree weather.  Since we were expecting more people and pushed the start time forward to 10:15am we had plenty of time for another so we decided to just draft again and putting the previous cards back in the binders.  Danny was slightly concerned that we wouldn’t be able to make good decks because we had already taken out 60 objective sets, but I did not share this concern.  It’s draft and it’ll be fine.


1st (Danny)

Affiliation: Jedi (6th pick, 2-0)

Forgotten Heroes

Knowledge and Defense

Debt of Honor x2

Wookie Life Debt

Badge of Honor

Bait and Switch

Secret Weapons

Renegade Squadron Mobilization

Preparation for Battle


Affiliation: Scum (1st pick, 1-1)

The Grand Heist

Feeding the Pit

All Out Brawl

Unsavory Contracts

Threat from the Depths x2

From the Abyss

Rogue Archaeology

Plan of the Prophetess

Emperor’s Hand



2nd (Mick)

Affiliation: Rebel (5th pick, 1-1)

Explosives Artist

Lost Commander

Behind Enemy Lines

Hero of a Thousand Devices

Hero’s Trial

Trust in the Force

Twilight of the Apprentice

Watchers in the Wasteland

Following Fate

To Arms!


Affiliation: Sith (2nd pick, 1-1)

Brothers of the Sith

Fearsome and Foul

Order of Inquisitors

Killing Cold

General’s Imperative

Immeasurable Power

Protect the Generator

Endor Gambit

Repair and Refurbish

Shadows on the Ice



3rd (Ethan)

Affiliation: Rebel: Information Network (3rd/4th pick, 0-2)

A Legend Begins

Hope of Rebellion

Fleeing the Empire

Haunting the Empire

Rogue Squadron Assault

Resistance and Rebellion

The Daring Escape

Memories of Tanaab

Beyond the Rim

Calling in Favors


Affiliation: Sith (3rd/4th pick, 1-1)

There is No Conflict

The Questioning

Emperor’s Shadow

Droid Droid Revolution x2

His High Exaltedness

The Scavengers

Eater of Luck

Nar Shadaa Drift

Reconnaissance Mission


Random Thoughts on this Draft


LS vehicle decks never seem worth playing in draft


5/2 objectives in draft are huge, especially with how many utility resources are generally included


Staring across at a grid of 4 health wookies backed up by echo caverns is scary.


Sometimes DS just can’t take the force.


Rousing Speeches are good to rile the troops up to kill dragonsnakes!


Droid Droid Revolution can prevent Let the Wookie Win from killing your one drops!


Veers gives the guns!  He’s also not bad promoted!


Jedi Mind Trick and Clever Distraction in the same turn to clear the board is mean.


Fate Vader has text!


Lack Sivrak and his wolfman chud are like a gattling gun.


Sometimes decks will live the dream and flop that one copy of Wookie Life debt in all their games.


I can’t win against Dannik Jericho and Ethan can’t win against Myo :-(



Plays of the Draft


I didn't want to attack into Danny’s wall of creatures backed up by All Out Brawl, so I sat on the force with Obi Wan and eventually got Sabines Armor, Chewie’s Bowcaster, Luke’s Lightsaber, Obi Wan’s Lightsaber, a Custom Paint Job and to top it all off a 6 resource I Am a Jedi.  Rex got Chirrut’s Lightbow.  I chipped way with Wolfmen each turn and in the end I attacked with a battle field engineer,  played double well equipped to ready both Obi Wan and Rex for the coup de grace.


Danny plays Join Me on Ethan’s Fleet officer.  The arms dealer gives him a 2nd bomb and he swings in to take an objective with spice visions.  Good crank!


Ethan lives the dream with Black Market Exchange.  He gets Iggy B out with illegal modifications and uses it to do a bunch of bombs and take out my Following Fate Obi Wan with Ezra’s Lightsaber who I was using to dump tactics everywhere.  I trigger when he dies and take out the droid.  Later Ethan really needs to take a 3rd objective but I’ve locked out Dannik Jericho so the edge battle will matter and he’s falling a bit short on black bombs.  He manages to find a swoop and Wittin, pulls back the Emperor’s Favor onto fate Vader and swings for massive double striking opportunities.


Danny took out my Thunderflare with a bade of honor backed 4 point wookie rage.  Ouch.


Shield Chewie and his resistance hideout are super annoying.  Shields everywhere.  You gotta watch Danny though:  He was dumping shields out everywhere and I told him he wasn’t outnumbered.  “I have 6 units, you have 7.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!”  “You have 7!” and I point at his focused tauntaun in the back row.  “There’s a guy back there!?  Good times.


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I'm going to be in town sometime this fall for the L5R worlds.  We need to do a draft then.

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We will organize a draft for anyone who visits
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We all realized that none of us are ready to compete at world's in this game. Lot of fun though!
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Yeah, the whole afternoon was a comedy of errors. Tight play is a perishable skill :-(
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