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Return of Yoda's Hut! - Legends Cycle Decks

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Yes, it's been awhile, but we finally have a new episode of Yoda's Hut and hope to post a few more in the coming weeks.  The Council sponsored league and online tourney hosted by Mitch2480 has been a great motivator, although I must admit after not being able to play for a few months, the rust is real!  


In this game, I played an original Sith/Navy deck vs. Jerry who played an original Jedi deck.  Both of us were using some of the sets in the Legends cycle.  As usual, Queklaine joined me for commentary.  It took a little while for us to get back into the groove with that, but we should get back up to speed soon.  Legends sets are indicated with a * in the lists below. Full disclosure, Jerry accidentally built an illegal deck for this game by including 1 copy of both MTFBWY and Spark (he forgot they were restricted and was just trying to build a deck with lots of 1 ofs to get unique Jedi units for The New Order alternate win condition), but we just played it anyway to see if it would make a difference.  


My decklist was:


Galactic Enforcers Affiliation

2x The Executor Arrives

2x Engineered Suffering *

1x Emperor's Web

1x Lure of the Lost

2x Enforced Loyalty

2x Imperial Vengeance

1x Repair and Refurbish

1x Might of the Empire


Jerry's decklist was:


2x Concealed Heritage *

2x The Future of the Jedi *

1x A Hero's Journey

1x May the Force Be With You

1x Following Fate

1x The Secret of Shantipole

1x Spark of Rebellion

1x Daughters of Tanaab

1x Twilight of the Apprentice


So will the Sith Empire engineer more Jedi suffering or will a New Jedi Order rise and return to power?  Watch and find out!



Thanks as always to everyone who has watched and supported Yoda's Hut over the years.  We appreciate it and hope some people will still watch even though it's been months since we last posted anything.


May the Force Be With You!

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