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MN Collective Draft 3/23

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A longer break than usual, but the Minnesota Meta gathered after the spring equinox for some more SWLCG drafting.  We swore not to make any Navy super decks even if they were hampered by x2 Piett.  Ethan and I decided not to give up on making Piett great again and made sure to include him given the opportunity.  Today’s draft had a much higher inclusion of Navy cards than in the past and I only pushed one of the decks into Sith when the Navy streak was looking too strong—turned out the sith side was pretty good though!  No MTFBWY inclusions this time, which Danny was happy about.  Danny was also happy that he wasn’t sitting near me, which I still don’t get.  Tyler and I were on the same brainwave with Black Market Exchange, which Danny also thinks is terrible but we love so it gets played x2.  Once again the draft format proved to create very interesting decks that match up well again each other.  The sides ended evenly 6-6 and what we thought were “bad” decks proved to be surprisingly effective.


1st (Mick)


Affiliation: Smuggler (8th pick, 3-0)

On the Run

Asteroid Sanctuary

The Broken Horn

Renegade Squadron Mobilization

Secret Weapons

Command and Control

Evacuation Procedure

Capital Cover

Engineering the Future

Preparation for Battle


Affiliation: Sith (1st pick, 2-1)

Heart of the Empire

Scouring the Empire

Order of Inquisitors

Admiral’s Assault

The Last Grand Admiral

Death and Despayre

Protect the Generator

Immeasurable Power

Pattern Analysis

Asteroid Pursuit



2nd (Ethan)


Affiliation: Smuggler (7th pick, 1-2)

Calling in Favors

Resistance and Rebellion

The Last Warrior

They’ll Never Stop Us

The Alliance’s Elite

Rogue Squadron Assault

The Lost Commander

Fleeing the Empire

Engineering the Future

Evacuation Procedure


Affiliation: Navy (2nd pick, 2-1)

Inexorable Destruction

Deploy the Fleet

Rapair and Refurbish

Hunter’s Flight

Out of the Mists

Hunter in the Night

The Hutt’s Menagerie

Patrolling the Wastes

Shadow of Nar Shaddaa

Sabotage in the Snow



3rd/4th (Tyler)


Affiliation: Smuggler: Desperate Allies (6th pick, 1-2)

Bait and Switch x2

Trust Me

House Edge

No Match for a Good Blaster

Hero’s Journey

Secret at Shantipole

Heroes and Legends

In You Must Go

Master’s Domain


Affiliation: Scum (3rd pick, 1-2)

Jabba’s Reach x2

Nar Shaddaa Drift x2

Lucrative Contract

Jabba’s Orders

Heartless Tactics

Shadowed Surveillance

Droid Droid Revolution

Patrolling the Wastes



3rd/4th (Danny)


Affiliation: Rebel (4th/5th pick, 1-2)

Mission to Talay

Forward Reconnaissance

Commando Operations

Explosives Artist

Hero’s Journey

Ties of Blood

Deep Commitment

Trust in the Force

Desert Recruitment

Secret of Yavin IV


Affiliation: Navy: Any Method’s Necessary (4th/5th pick, 1-2)

Technological Terror

Pattern Analysis

Entrenched Defenses

Enforced Loyalty

Admiral’s Assault

Unsavory Contracts x2

Bespin Exchange

The Best That Credits Can Buy

Hunt Them Down



What we liked playing x2

Jedi: Core Luke

Rebel: Hoodie Han, Blissex

Smuggler: Lak Sivrak



Navy: Kallus, Piett

Scum: Klaatu and Barada, OG Jabba, Black Market Exchange, BK



Plays of the Day:


Tyler: Got out Jabba’s Pleasure Barge and 3 swoops.  Played Race Circuit Champion on the Pleasure Barge and started going to town on offense with 2 copies of Black Market Exchange.  Every time he unfocused to strike again with the Pleasure Barge the pilot would also ping one of my vehicles.


Ethan: Played Quick Hunt to capture Danny’s super Mon Mothma with 4 enhancements on her.  Also attacked into 2 weequays and Dengar with Rex at a full health objective.  Won edge and killed damaged weequay, focused Dengar and got a couple bombs.  Other weequay struck, then Ethan played You’re Our Only Hope to sac Leia and strike again with Rex getting him enough bombs to finish things off.


Danny: Got the heat of battle stunning blow combo off on my 5th brother preventing him from one shotting Sabine.  Went on the wreck my face with Leia


Mick:  On my last turn I attack with Falcon, Independence and a Speeder Tank at a high health objective trying to win edge.  I pass with edge one.  Tyler bids a card.  I throw in a card.  Tyler goes deep in the tank and passes.  Before edge stacks are revealed he switches them with Reversal of Fate and I wind up losing putting me off the bombs I need to win take the objective.  He focuses out one of my units in the back preventing me from taking the other objective I needed to win.  I start resolving my strikes.  Falcon does 2 blast and kills one of his dudes.  I draw a card with Renegade Squadron Mobilization.  It’s Concentrated Firepower.  The Independence focused to strike and tossed its shield to take the objective.  I’m still out though because I don’t have the bombs in the 2nd attack.  But the Independence is also now at 3 guns so it takes out a 2nd guy and I draw again.  It’s Target of Opportunity.  Tyler goes on tilt as the streak continues…

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One of my favorite things about this format is that we still keep getting different styles of decks. It's been fun exploring different combos and themes!



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This is absolutely true.  The previous session Daniel had a really effective Shield Chewie deck that went undefeated.  He raged with a 4 health wookie warrior to kill my Thundeflare pre-edge.  Ouch.


This tournament we had some cool interactions with Ethan's Master of the Night Boba Fett being immune to my Bo'Shek's bamboozle.  Tyler putting a DL-44 blaster on Han over and over again to get past my Thrawn was funny and infuriating too.  But probably not as infuriating as top decking concentrated firepower and target of opportunity to win the game.


It's been super hard in this format to accurately judge the strength of the decks during the snake draft.  The LS deck I got as last pick wound up being the one that went 3-0, but as Daniel put it all of its wins were "super dirty".  Also I was convinced the DS deck Ethan picked was the garbage pick of the lot, which was why I drafted DS first because I didn't want to get stuck with it while all of the LS decks looked reasonably playable to me.  But he wound up going 2-1 with it.  In fairness though, the games have been very close so it really is impossible to say which decks are simply superior to others.

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