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Help on beginner decks!

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Hello everyone! I got the opportunity to get the L5R LCG collection up to date from a person who quit, so me and some friends have decided to learn it, and... well is overwhelming, to say the least xD.

I am trying to set up at least one basic deck for each clan to get a taste of each faction at the same time we learn the mechanics. Any advice, or good place to get these in order to start?


Thanks a lot! Any advice is welcome :)

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Hi there!


I think you should look into the resources out there. There are a couple of decks on this website, but there's many, many more on www.bushibuilder.com and www.fiveringsdb.com.


Here's a list from the Art of Warcast podcast for unicorn:



Here's a primer on scorpion with the Crane splash:



Here's a primer on the phoenix ancestor's strength combo list:


Here's one of my own decks, with an explanation on how it plays:



Here is a lion primer:



Here's a pretty competitive dragon deck focused on dishonoring the opponent with duels:



Here's a Crane list that is played at tournaments, but comes with some tips on how to play it:



Here's a Crab list with a lion splash that comes with guidance:



These are just some examples. I think the best place to start is to copy some decks from this website and give them a spin so that you get some feeling with this game. There's also advice on websites like https://www.wardensofthemidwest.com/, and on the L5R discord, there's a bunch of channels where players hang out. There's always someone that can help you there with any questions you had.


Note that with rotations and restricted lists updates, these decks may or may not be legal anymore, but don't let that stop you from trying them out against your friends. The information for that is on the fantasy flight's website. 


Eventually, you may want to start building decks based on the current system of restricted lists and which clan roles are open. These can be found here:


https://images-cdn.f...-compressed.pdf (at the bottom)


I am not aware of a playgroupfinder myself, but perhaps the best place to start for that would be the L5R discord (https://discordapp.com/invite/nvVX9Wb)


Of course, there's also a bunch of stuff to read up on on this very site. Good luck!


P.S.: There's also a bunch of podcasts on legend of the five rings. I think https://artofwarcast.podbean.com/ even has an introduction on each of the clans.

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