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MN Legends Draft 8/21

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It's been awhile since we played, but we got together on a Wednesday night for Legends drafting.  It was 3 of us so we had to think about how to do it, but Danny came up with a good rotation.  We started by having one person draft 2 Legends pods for each deck.  Then we picked 3 of the main binders and rotated just them between us as we also rotated the decks.  Then we set those binders aside and grabbed the 3 remaining binders and drafted again.  Lastly we passed the decks and each person drafted 2 Legends pods to finish them off.


1st (Mick)


Affiliation: No Questions Asked (1-1, 1st pick)

Concealed Heritage x2 (L)

Power of the Valley (L)

Legends Emerge (L)

Hero’s Duty

Wookiee’s Journey

Along the Gamor Run

Badge of Honor

Renegade Squadron Mobilization

Last Warrior


Affiliation: Sith (2-0, 6th pick)

I Rule (L)

Dark Youth (L)

Order of Inquisitors

Ghosts of the Dark Side

Advanced Designs x2 (L)

Family Connections

Imperial Command

Emperor’s Legion

Pattern Analysis



2nd (Ethan)


Affiliation: Rebel (1-1, 2nd pick)

Veiled Rebellion (L)

Covert Operations (L)

Fleeing the Empire

Behind Enemy Lines

Wraiths from the Sky (L)

Bargaining for Profit (L)

Last Warrior

Impersonating a Diety

Feigning Captivity

Across the Dune Sea


Affiliation: Sith (1-1, 5th pick)

Second Phase

Rogue Archaeology

Dark Council

The Investigation

Cruel Interrogations

Emperor’s Cabal

Engineering Suffering (L)

Reconditioning Techniques (L)

Double-Cross on Nar Shaddaa x2 (L)



3rd (Danny)


Affiliation: Jedi (0-2, 3rd/4th pick)

Future of the Jedi (L)

Matter over Mind

Ties of Blood

Hero’s Resolve

Under the Radar (L)

Bargaining for Profit (L)

Hostile Jungle (L)

Questionable Contacts

Gardener’s Secret

Spirit of Rebellion


Affiliation: Sith (1-1, 3rd/4th pick)

Heart of the Empire

There is No Conflict

Emperor’s Hand

Reconditioning Techniques (L)

Pellaeon’s Plan (L)

Commanding the Remnant (L)

Experimental Weaponry (L)

Last Grand Admiral

Immeasurable Power

Enforced Loyalty



Plays of the Day


Mick: played Enslaved on Danny’s Junk Dealer to play Orbital Bombardment from discard the next turn.  Kaboom!

Mick: Concealed Heritage to tutor Echo Caverns.

Mick: Force Spirit to keep alive a Munitions Expert committed to the Force.

Mick: Got out two of the navy enhancements that let you remove a focus from a unit committed to the force so I could attack and defend with the 5th Brother each turn.


Danny: Is horribly losing but at least the dial is high.  Plays Yularen, does some counter attacking and then discards another card to play a discounted There is No Escape to put Ethan on the draw.

Danny: Plays Join Me on a Slicer and proceeds to get all the money.

Danny: Drew into Luke Skywalker preventing his Promising Student from every becoming anything.


Ethan: Needs 4 damage to win on a completely empty board.  Plays Tamteel Skreej who’s fortunately active because Leia is captured.  Then plays “Face” who is able to copy Skreej’s text for just the right amount of damage!

Ethan: Deploys nothing and attacks turn after turn with Jan Ors who’s backed up by the Dune Sea Hero.  Danny threw up.

Ethan: Uses Engineering Suffering to play Intimidated on Luke in the middle of combat and triggers Herr Direktor to kill a Twi’lek Smuggler.  Danny dry heaved.



….and evidently my LS deck was illegal!  I needed the untap affiliation card not, the double money.  Oops!  In both games I started with Wookie’s Journey too which I think goes to show how attuned we all are to these things nowadays…


We all had a good time.  The games were interesting and with a couple exceptions all quite close.  I thought I had gotten the worst DS deck, but it wound up being not at all bad.  The Legends Cycle is fun to play with.  Hopefully next time we get Tyler out to make it 4.


If anybody is coming to visit for worlds of Arkham we will gladly set up a draft!

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