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MN Binder Draft Feb 8th 2020

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It was Game of Thrones worlds this weekend and we threw a SWLCG binder draft for our guest Drew.  The draft process itself is a big part of the fun and as people walked by Tom would yell “I’m playing a real game!” and then explain the process to people.  It was fun listening to people complain about decks being too weak, or then decks being too good.  Complain that we had included too many Pietts in the meta again…  There were 6 of us and Tom suggested we play a game against another person and then switch, so he could play against as many people as possible before going out for dinner/drinks.  We got through 3 games and then a few of us stuck around for a 4th game.  The decks were very interesting this time around and the games were quite good too.  It’s a big jump going from 4 people to 6 people.  Danny had to figure out how we would do the binder rotation, but came up with every other draft rotating the binders twice. It seemed to work out.


1st (Tom)

Affiliation: Jedi (2-0, 8th pick)

A New Beginning

Danger in the Wastes

Journey Through the Swamp

Deep Commitment

Decoy at Dantooine

Defense of Cloud City

Sowers of Dissension

Wookie Life Debt

Badge of Honor

Debt of Honor


Affiliation: Sith Expendable Allies (1-0, 5th pick)

Heart of the Empire

Second Phase

Lure of the Lost

Emperor’s Promise

Rogue Archaeology

Unsavory Contracts

Hive of Scum and Villainy

Hunter in the Night

Jabba’s Orders

Eater of Luck



2nd (Danny)

Affiliation: Rebel Information Network (1-1, 10th pick)

Draw Their Fire

Evacuation Procedure

Blue Squadron Support

Lost Commander

Command and Control

Resistance and Rebellion x2

Beyond the Rim

Memories of Tanaab

Secret Weapons


Affiliation: Scum (2-0, 3rd pick)

Heart of Cold x2

Droid Revolution

Automated Assassin

Hunter’s Flight

Bespin Exchange

Patrolling the Wastes

Schemes and Intrigue

Hunt for Han Solo

Asteroid Pursuit



3rd (Drew)

Affiliation: Rebel (0-1, 9th pick)

Explosives Artist

Mission Briefing

Native Blessing

Ties of Blood

Running the Canyon

Renegade Reinforcements

Bait and Switch

Questionable Contacts

Rendar’s Wrath

Memories of Tanaab


Affiliation: Scum Promise of Power (2-1, 4th pick)

Masterful Manipulation

Heartless Tactics

Trandoshan Terror

Bespin Exchange

Jabba’s Orders

Knives in the Night

The Reawakening

Maw of Madness

Threat from the Depths

From the Abyss



4th (Mick)

Affiliation: Smuggler (1-0, 6th/7th pick)

Wookiee’s Journey

No Match for a Good Blaster

Questionable Contacts

Badge of Honor

Pushing Back the Empire

Draw Their Fire

Sacrifice of Heroes

Hoth Gambit

Hope of Rebellion

Commando Operations


Affiliation: Scum (1-2, 6th/7th pick)

Feeding the Pit

Lucrative Contract

Hunter in the Night

Slave Trade

Hutt’s Menagerie

The Scavengers

Emperor’s Cabal

Rogue Archaeology

Merciless Plans

Imperial Bureaucracy



5th (Ethan)

Affiliation: Smuggler (0-2, 1st pick)

On the Run

House Edge

Calling in Favors

Last Defense of Hoth

Rebel Fleet

Lost Commander

Commando Operations

Mission to Talay

Pushing Back the Empire

Resourceful Survivors


Affiliation: Navy (1-0, 12th pick)

Inexorable Destruction

Admiral’s Assault

Endor Gambit

Repair and Refurbish

Mission Command

Hunter for Hire

Hunter’s Flight

Patrolling the Wastes

Automated Assassin

Shadow of Nar Shaddaa



6th (Tyler)

Affiliation: Smuggler (0-3, 2nd pick)

Fortune and Fate

Against All Odds

Escape from Ord Mantell

Hero’s Journey

Ties of Blood

Hero of a Thousand Devices

Twilight of the Apprentice

Out of Their Element

Knowledge and Defense

Journey Through the Swamp


Affiliation: Scum (0-1, 11th pick)

Lady’s Lesson

Grand Heist

Shadowed Surveillance

His Hight Exaltedness

Admiral’s Assault

Victory or Death

Dark Trooper Project

Protect the Generator

Deploy the Fleet

Endor Gambit



Plays of the Day

Tom attacks with Ahsoka and Lobot into Drew’s Xizor and Arden Lyn.  They both bid three cards, but Drew put in Prince’s Scheme.  Tom reveals that all 3 of his edge cards are fate cards, one of them being Friendship is Magic, wins the edge battle 6-5 and sends the DS packing.


I played Explosive Charge 3 times in one game against Tom, blowing up his Forest with one of them and Obi-Wans stupid reserve 8 cape with another. Tom found a way back with Life Creates it and then to rub salt in the wound played Force Barrier to shield all his crap and dance on my corpse.


I had a Core Han plus Ackbar play against Tyler.  It felt dirty.


Drew gets a random discard on Danny and rips his Rebel Han money instead of his worthless Beyond the Rim money.


Danny holds tight against me with the dial at 11 with pilot Lando and Nien Nunb his only defenders!




I know there was more but I didn’t have time to write it all down last night!

It was a blast playing with our guests, the format really seems to get better and better the more people you have participating in it.  We are happy to organize a binder draft for anyone who comes and visits us!

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Had a great time and it was awesome seeing you all again!

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