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Building with FiC

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Shad printed us out a copy of the Frozen in Carbonite pods, and since we use my binders for draft I get to be the keeper of the cards.  With recent events I find myself spending more time at home than ever before, so yesterday I set back up my cam to get in some Skype games and test out the FiC cards at the same time.


Here’s the decks I threw together:


Affiliation: Smuggler

Asteroid Sanctuary x2

May the Force Be With You x2

Mother’s Next x2 (FiC)

Save the Rebellion x2 (FiC)

The Sacrifice We Make x2 (FiC)


Affiliation: Sith

Emperor’s Web x2

Consumed by the Dark Side x1 (FiC)

Shadow of Malachor x1 (FiC)

Enforced Loyalty x2

Inferno Squad x2 (FiC)

Art of War x2 (FiC


Comments on LS

The Rogue tribal stuff looked interesting.  I noticed the Cloud City Operative in the Falcon set also has the Rogue trait so throwing Nest, Jyn and Saw in a Jedi Falcon shell seemed like a good starting place.


I was able to attack with Jyn, attack another objective bid a Rogue and then attack with Jyn again.


I looped a Cloud City Operative with the Cloud Rider Swoop and then brought back out the Operative with the Falcon.


Partisan Soldier focused out his only relevant blocker.



Comments on DS

Wanted to try the Thrawn and Iden pods but not put them just in a Navy shell.  Yularen of course had to go in, then went with Emperor and threw in 1 Father/Son and 1 Malachor Maul.  I needed resources 


Consumed by the Dark Side brought out the Alter and both of us were quickly operating on 5+ resources a turn.


Father was great at counter attacking.


Iden Versio and the TIE Defender were great counter attackers.


The Art Room thew tactics everywhere.  I had a cute interaction with the Avenge Our Emperor fate card, the Art Room and Del Meeko.  Basically I didn’t have to care about edge.  I would get strike first with UUT.  I never trusted myself to use his ability.


Thrawn is as oppressive as he looks.

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Was able to set up another match on Skype so I did some more building with FiC cards.


Affiliation: Smuggler

Spirit of Rebellion x2

Lost Commander x2

Shield Generator Assault x2

Strike Team Assemble x2

Scouting Party x2 (FiC)


Affiliation: Scum

Nar Shaddaa Drift x2

Emperor’s Web x2

Agent of the Emperor x2

Path to the Dark Side x2 (FiC)

Rejuvenation and Servitude x2 (FiC)



Comments of LS

Decided to try out the support mechanic and noticed that the rebel pod was Endor traited.


Treetop Vantage point looked cool, and appeared to be a good way to keep Strike Team Assemble and Spirit of Rebellion online, but it didn’t work out that way.


Nik Sant has interesting text, but most of the time the troopers I was striking with her pathfinders.


It’s cool that the Strike Team Snipers have a black gun and are zero cost.  I couldn’t justify paying the support cost to enhance an objective DS could just choose to ignore.


Comments on DS

Path to the Dark Side has a lot of enhancements.  And they’re all pretty good!


I was able to get Mara up to 6 enhancements.  She had some ridiculous number of guns and 2 white tactics.  Never saw Black Market Exchange, but I had the swoops ready to sell!


There is only 1 worthwhile card in Rejuvenation and Servitude:  Interrogation Chamber.  But…  It’s REALLY good.  Between a royal guard and and a 3 gun shadow guard, damage was being spread around and whenever LS would go to attack anything that damage would come right back at them.  I used this with a choke early one to kill an attacker before edge.  Later in the game I got the 2nd one out and it was pretty miserable for LS to attack.  I actually ran out of damage to fling.

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