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Summer 2020 tournament Cardpool

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Hi everyone and welcome to the 2020 Summer tournament! This tournament will have a limited cardpool, meaning you will only be able to use the cards shown here to build your decks for the group stages and the top cut. I have crafted this cardpool from scratch, and after a ton of revisions, I am really excited to explore this environment. Lets start with the list:


Summer 2020 Tournament Cardpool.jpg


(Take note that special affiliation cards are not legal with this cardpool – Vanilla only!)


With this pool of cards, I wanted to address an issue that has nagged at me since this game really started to hit its stride. Whenever you’re building a deck, you have to find your “money pods”. The rule of thumb has always been to have around 6 or 7 resources in your deck, which severely limited the amount of creativity you could have with the rest of the list. This cardpool is designed in an attempt to reimagine what that resource base looks like by exploring 2-money objectives, special ramping cards, and most importantly, no 1/1 resource enhancements.


Aside from the enhancement in Mothma, the tauntaun in frozen refuge, the dork in Moon blockade, and some 2/2 control rooms in Navy, all of the resources in this cardpool cost more than the amount they produce or have some odd ramping quality. To compliment this, I have included as many 2-resource objectives as possible, as well as some that give a boost under special circumstances. You can use the color-coded legend in the corner of the image to hunt out where to find your money base.

With this pool, I want to explore how we define tempo and decide to use our resources in this game. Is it worth losing time to play a money that will repay itself a few turns later, or is it worthwhile to stretch your t1 money for a big opening, and plan to play a 3-drop on t2. I’ve tried to include a number of curve-filler pods in the pool as well, for those players willing to make big plays on the first turn while still playing something the next. Similarly, are they holding up that 2 money objective to play threat removal or backstabber? Or can I get them to waste both of those dollars with one lost master? There are plenty of things to be spending your money on outside of the deployment phase, so spend carefully.


In the same vein as with money-pods being a deckbuilding constraint, I have also decided to eliminate another crutch from deckbuilding – Twist of fate. In this pool, the only Twist available to either side is in the limit 1 neutral pod. I hope this allows just a little more freedom in building your decks, as if you need a twist, you can always get one, but it comes at a premium and you will only ever have one. On a personal note, I also hope this encourages more thought about how fate cards interact with a boardstate. I like to feel as though my fates are reliable tools in my deck, while winning the actual edge battle is the uncertainty that takes more attention to detail. Take note of all the Heat of Battles in the Dark side pool, and figure out how to craft a resilient enough attack such that even if there is a double heat, you can win the edge battle and still come out on top.

As a final note, I wanted to include pods and themes that have lost the opportunity to shine due to not being a part of the “money core” most decks feel like they need. Try out the 4-pod ewok core with the 6-pod hoth core and find out if they work! Is Mono Navy about Cap ships? Or midrange fighters? Do they want to splash Sith for Delta 1 and dark defenders? And with 2 well-equipped pods on each side of the force, how efficient can you make your 2-resource objectives? I’ve been neck deep in this cardpool for a while now and I can’t point out a dominant archetype or figure out if Light or Dark is stronger.

Hopefully we all have as much fun playing with this cardpool as I had curating it. Good luck and let the best player win!

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