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Rickety Warbuggy vs. Sicarius's Chosen

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The RRG says "A card that “cannot be damaged” cannot have damage assigned, dealt, reassigned, or moved to it, and it cannot be chosen to take damage or be chosen as the target of an effect that would damage it. "
Rickety Warbuggy says "Goes Fasta! - While your opponent has the initiative, this unit cannot be dealt damage by units while you control an army unit at this planet not named “Rickety Warbuggy”."
Sicarius's Chosen says "Reaction: After this unit enters play, move a target enemy army unit at an adjacent planet to this planet and deal it 1 damage."
It looks like if a Cato player has the initiative, the Cato player cannot deploy Sicarius's Chosen and use its reaction to move an opponent's Rickety Warbuggy from a planet where the opponent also controls a Snakebite Thug. Is this right?
Is this also true of other abilities that say a thing cannot have some thing happen to it? Here's an example:
Kommando Sneakaz says "Ambush. Reaction:After you deploy this unit, ready a target [Ork] unit you control at this planet and deal it 1 damage."
Flesh Hooks says "Attach to an enemy army unit with printed cost 2 or lower. Attached unit cannot be readied."
Alice has an exhausted Rickety Warbuggy and an exhausted Snakebite Thug with an attached Flesh Hooks (the Flesh Hooks belongs to Bob) at planet 1. Bob has the initiative. It seems like Alice can use Kommando Sneakaz's reaction to deal 1 damage to her Snakebite Thug who cannot ready, but she cannot use it to ready her Rickety Warbuggy who cannot be damaged. Is that right?