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Recommended chapter packs for Targaryen/Lannister joust?

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Hello all, I am looking for recommendations as to which chapter packs provide the most "bang for the buck" for a Targaryen vs. Lannister joust. I am currently playing board game style (as in, I am the one buying all the cards) and I enjoy the Targaryen "burn" archetype and the friend I play with enjoys Lannister "control" themes.

Thanks to Darksbane's excellent 2 core set decklists (Thanks again!) we have gotten rather hooked on the game. I currently have 3 core sets and the 6 deluxe expansions but only 2 chapter packs - A Roll of the Dice (an impulse buy when I stopped at the local gaming store; I had seen House of Dreams mentioned often and wanted to see what the fuss was about) and Valar Morghulis (I basically picked it up just to play around with Incinerate)

We've tried a couple games with each of the decks suggested by the expansions, with me favoring the Targaryen Dothraki build (with some extra burn thrown in to bring the deck up to 60 cards) and him The Power Behind the Throne Cersei deck.

I played Magic: The Gathering a fair amount between Revised/Unlimited and Ice Age/Fallen Empires, so I am familiar with deck building in general. My counterpart has zero interest in making his own deck so it is up to me to find balanced decks, while indulging my desire to ratchet up the power level.

I've been waiting for the reprints of Ancient Enemies and Sacred Bonds since they seem to be great buys (The Herald characters and Fury plots are a great example of what I am looking for) but am getting impatient and looking for advice on how to get our decks up to the next level.

Thank you for your help!



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Queen of the Dragons obviously ;)

But you propably didn't need this kind of advice, so...

The house of black and white:
Long Lances (THoBaW)

Chasing dragons:
Griff (CD)

Tourney for the hand:
Ser Barristan Selmy (TftH) !!!

Where loyalty lies:
Ser Jorah Mormont (WLL)
Daario Naharis (WLL)

If you want to play Dothraki Targ: Illyrio Gift, Rituals of R'hllor, Of snakes and sand etc.

Tower of the hand:
Aegon's Hill (TTotH)

Secrets and spies:
King's Landing Assassin (SaS)

City of secrets:
Dragon Skull (CoS)

Trial by combat:
Meraxes (TBC)
Dragon Knight (TBC)

Sword in the darkness:
The Hatchlings' Feast (ASitD)!!!

Valar morghulis:
Incinerate (VM) - in dragon or dothraki even

Those were from the top of my mind nice cards for Targ but it s needs to be upgraded...
If I have more time I'll look for some cards "against Lanni".
You can try The Raven's Message (TRS) with combination of power struggle plot (propably not in burn but in The heir of the iron throne style decks /no intrigue/)...



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So say you were going to get five packs, I'd consider these. I'm trying to get you the best of both Targ and Lanni cards in these packs:

Where Loyalty Lies: Ser Jorah Mormont, Daario Naharis (Targ); A House Divided (Lannister)

Tourney for the Hand: Ser Barristan Selmy (Targ), Dragon Support (Targ); Highgarden (Lanni) Jaime Lannister (Lanni)

Princes of the Sun Deluxe Box: Added Bonus: Martell! But also Threat From the North (KEY for burn decks), Ser Arys Oakheart (Lannister), Ser Jorah Mormont (Targ), Parting Blow (Neutral), several other fun plots

For Dothraki, perhaps the best single pack is Illyrio's Gift.

For Power Behind the Throne, it's not as straightforward, but The House of Black and White is great (Enslaved is sooo clutch, and Dragonbone Dagger is OK as well, Dockside Brothel fits the theme too) and you get a bonus of Long Lances (Overpowered Targ card!) and Greyscale.

Teamcovenant.com (my local store!!!) also sells "house packs" which are all the cards from a single cycle of chapter packs for a single house. This is great for getting your cardpool up quickly for various houses, but the downside is that you don't get neutral cards (though they are sold as singles) and if you decide to play other houses, you might have to re-buy the cards from that cycle to do so.

Anyway, have fun and keep on building!




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I am not going to lie, the Targ burn Archetype is all over the map! I also just got into the game and built it, but what I found as good cycles to just get for my decks (I am the same as you with doing all the buying) Was the Time of Ravens Cycle, King's Landing Cycle & Brotherhood without banners cycle, each are worth buying the full cycle from imo. Now I would also suggest just going through the card list for each pack in these cycles to see which packs appeal most to your wants but that is what I started with and I had a great time. Also the individual expansion hands down :P



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For a Lannister deck, you should decide which restricted you want to go with. If you're willing to take Pentoshi Manor over Pyromancer's Cache or Castellan of the Rock, I would get 'A Harsh Mistress' which will increase your control base quite a lot. I think with that alone, you'll have Lannisport Brothel, Enemy Informer, and You've Killed the Wrong Dwarf from the core set, and the pack will add Pentoshi Manor x3, and Inn of Volantis. You'll also get Much and More to fish for your control cards or Golden Tooth Mines as needed.

I'll echo Enslaved as being really good.

Lions of the Rock can help you round out your card pool a little. It will give you The Iron Throne, Queen Cersei's Chambers, Doubting Septa, Kevan, and Cersei, which can fit into nearly all decks you build. There are quite a few other cards from the set that are very good, but not for every build you choose to make. The bulk of most Power Behind the Throne decks comes from this box.

Otherwise, Lannister has the problem of getting a really good single cards in most of the packs, but not getting much else from them...



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Lannister is my favorite House. The problem, as has been stated, is that there are so many great cards and they are found in various packs. Every time I get a new cycle pack, I end up loving one of the Lannister cards from it and can't decide what I wish to take out. I really enjoyed the Kings Landing cycle and found some fun cards. The Lannister house box is filled with some great cards.




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Thank you all for the help and advice! I just ordered the first (of many) chapter packs, and decided on The House of Black and White, Tower of the Hand ( I can't wait to see the look on my friend's face the first time I play Aegon's Hill), and A Sword in the Darkness (Basically just for Hatchling's Feast). I had decided on Illyrio's Gift instead of AsitD, but Amazon doesn't have it available for free shipping so I figure I'll pick it up at a local gaming store instead. I've bookmarked this thread and will work on adding in the rest of the suggestions as time goes on.

I was also wondering which cards you would recommend removing from the expansion-suggested decks. For Targaryen, I believe I pulled a Shade of the Evening and a Daenerys to add Lady Daenerys' Chambers and a a couple Forever Burning and Poisoned Wine.

I also removed the plots Threat From the East (which for some reason I just do not see the appeal of) and Wildfire Assault/Valar Morghulis (I forget which, I think Wildfire) for Take Them By Surprise (lots of money and initiative) and Threat From the North (as a more targeted replacement for Wildfire). We've only played a couple games with this setup and I am wondering whether my belief that Threat From the North in a burn deck is a better alternative, especially once I have Hatchling's Feast.


Edit: Just to clarify, at the moment I do have all of the deluxe house expansions. We've actually had what seems to be a rather unusual experience, in that the Martell deck just absolutely, positively dominates every other deck we have made. It was understandable when the only deluxe expansions we had were Martell and Greyjoy, Greyjoy has been rather meh (I believe both of the decks were from decklists posted later by others in the Darksbane Core setx2 post, and the last two houses were handicapped by the assumption that the good core set cards were already claimed in other decks).

I have the newest FAQ, but haven't really gotten in to the restricted list much since it is such a casual environment. I looked in to the three that Rave provided, but I think that I am too new to the game to appreciate the advantages they allow compared to Lannister double intrigue challenges.

I am also intrigued by the character agenda Griff, but I think perhaps I need a stronger card base to really make it rock. I am also leery of adding too many attachments to my deck (Although I really, really like the Targaryen burn ones) for fear of getting in to a bad habit and hamstringing myself for the entire game during setup.



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Sounds like you're getting the hang of Thrones. Threat from the East, aside from having high gold and initiative, was abused in combination with The Laughing Storm (GotC) until FFG issued an errata.

I'm not surprised by Martell's dominance. They have the most cards of any house on the restricted list, so that makes sense.

And yes, attachments and events are usually no more than 1/4 of any deck because they can't be played on setup. There's a fine balance between having too few and too many setup-friendly cards.



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The latest pack, Pirates of Lys, gives some good Lannister cards in the form of Ser Lancel Lannister (TPoL) and Cersei's Scheme (TPoL) - the latter in particular as it's a great plot that can go in just about any Lanni deck, whereas a lot of other cards are conditional on the decks you want to build. To anyone wanting a good Lannister deck for the future it would be one of the first packs I'd recommend buying. I'll also echo Where Loyalty Lies, which has 2 pretty damn good Targaryen cards and one great Lannister event (as mentioned in OKTarg's post before).
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Alright guys, the first wave of chapter packs has been delivered and I've made my first attempt at deck building. The goal is a deck that will be at a level where it can consistently beat the decks from the deluxe expansions, and basically be used as a standard power level for the other houses as I gain more cards.

My card pool currently consists of: Core set x3, all deluxe expansions, The Tower of the Hand, A Sword in the Darkness, all packs from the Brotherhood Without Banners cycle, Tourney for the Hand, Valar Morghulis, The House of Black and White, and A Roll of the Dice.

I will hopefully get the chance to actually play it later this week. My general idea for it is to use House of Dreams for Aegon's Hill (which I really, really want to try out). The slow start from no setup is hopefully somewhat mitigated by a first turn Loyalty Money Can Buy. The opposing deck will probably be claiming power for unopposed challenges, which will ensure that I can use Take Them By Surprise on the second turn without worrying about losing initiative (With my limited card pool I can see myself putting that plot in every deck I make at this point, the Lannister one included.)

I'll have hopefully gotten rid of some key/unique characters at this point using Aegon's Hill, and drawn some burn cards that I haven't been forced to discard. At this point I intend to switch gears from building up to aggressively launching 2 claim attacks, stealing the power the other player has been claiming for all of those unopposed intrigue attacks and killing multiple characters per turn.

That's how it works in my head, anyway. I welcome any suggestions from anyone more experienced than myself (which will probably be anyone reading this :) )

I realize the deck is a bit over 60 cards currently. I figured I would follow a plan I saw posted somewhere on here and not worry initially about being over 60 cards, but rather play the deck a bit and use that to decide what needs to be tweaked to bring it in line.

Deck Built with CardGameDB.com GoT Deckbuilder

Targaryen Dothraki Burn alpha

House (1)
House Targaryen (Core) x1

Agenda (1)
House of Dreams (ARotD) x1

Character (35)
Aggo (RoR) x1
Bitter Crone (IG) x1
Blood-Crazed Screamer (MotM) x3
Blue-Lipped Warlock (QoD) x2
Brown Ben Plumm (Core) x1
Dany's Handmaiden (Core) x2
Drogo's Horde (IG) x2
Free Man (TftH) x1
Horseback Archers (QoD) x3
Horseback Hunters (ASoSilence) x2
Illyrio's Man (Core) x1
Initiate of the Citadel (QoD) x1
Jhogo (OSaS) x1
Jorah's Cohorts (QoD) x1
Khal Drogo (QoD) x1
Killer of the Wounded (QoD) x2
Maester Aemon (Core) x1
Painted Dogs (IG) x2
Rakharo (IG) x1
The Second Sons (ARotD) x1
True-Queen's Harbinger (QoD) x3
Viserys Targaryen (Core) x1
Xaro Xoan Daxos (Core) x1

Location (15)
Aegon's Hill (TTotH) x1
Eastern Fiefdoms (Core) x3
Great Pyramid (Core) x2
Khal Drogo's Tent (Core) x1
Lady Daenerys's Chambers (Core) x2
River Row (QoD) x1
Street of Sisters (Core) x1
Street of Steel (Core) x1
Summer Sea (Core) x1
The Roseroad (KotStorm) x1
Vaes Dothrak (IG) x1

Event (7)
Deadly Khalasar (IG) x1
Forever Burning (Core) x3
Incinerate (VM) x3

Attachment (9)
Aggo's Bow (RoR) x1
Flame-Kissed (Core) x3
Jhogo's Whip (OSaS) x1
Milk of the Poppy (Core) x1
Poisoned Wine (Core) x2
Rakharo's Arakh (IG) x1

Plot (7)
Herding the Masses (Core) x1
Loyalty Money Can Buy (QoD) x1
Mutual Blackmail (Core) x1
Mutual Cause (Core) x1
Siege of Riverrun (KotS) x1
Take Them by Surprise (LoW) x1
Threat from the North (PotS) x1

Thanks again for all of your help!



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It's certainly not terrible for your first go (you should have seen my first deck.....ick)

I'd say the thing to look at is your economy base. For all the Ambush effects you have, I'd want more influence. For sure 3x Summer Sea, 3x Eastern Fiefdom, 1x Khal Drogo's Tent, perhaps 2x Kingsroad Fiefdom and then a bunch of the 0 cost non-limited reducers--however many takes you up to 12 income/discount/influence cards in total.

True-Queen's Harbinger is great, especially for setup.

I'd drop Poisoned Wine, perhaps for Shade of the Evening, or add Xaro's Home from the Core box...you need more card draw--and that's another spot the influence will help you.

Are you running this deck in melee or joust? Joust, right? Then there's no need for the Mutual plots or Siege of Riverrun. You can do the same with Power of Arms for more benefit and less drawback.

Anyway, thats my .02 cents for a quick look! Keep playing and having fun with it!