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Harlan Earnstone

Harlan Earnstone

Harlan Earnstone

Historical Theorist
Type: Character Faction: Miskatonic University
Cost: 2 Skill: 0 Icons:
Game Text:
Response: After you win a struggle by 2 or more icons, exhaust Harlan Earnstone to move 1 success token of yours from 1 story to any other story.
Flavor Text: "Yes, I know what the book says, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen THIS way."
Set: CotJE
Number: 36
Illustrator: Mark Winters


How do responses to winning a struggle work? -Struggle/response/struggle effect: For exemple could I play Political demonstration (core) after winning the (T) struggle to destroy an attachment that gives Willpower and then make the bearer of the attachment go insane for losing the (T). Or -Struggle/struggle effect/response: For exemple could I win the (A) struggle, ready Harlan Earnstone (CotJE) and then exhaust him to play his ability as a response to winning the (A) struggle. Thanks for answering.

You do responses after all the stories have been finished. So all struggles and resolution per story, and then the windows for responses opens, followed by player actions once all responses have been finished.

Note, Disrupts and Forced Responses occur when their appropriate triggers says so, which means they can occur during the struggles on a story.

This is shown on p13 of the rulebook, for future reference.

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