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Jiang Shi

Jiang Shi

Jiang Shi

The Restless Dead
Type: Character Faction: Hastur
Cost: 3 Skill: 3 Icons: (T)(A)
Game Text:
Disrupt: Before you resolve a (T) struggle, pay 1 to commit Jiang Shi to that story without exhausting it. If Jiang Shi is already committed to another story, uncommit it.
Flavor Text: They came, breaking the night's peace. Leaping and howling for revenge!
Set: CotJE
Number: 33
Illustrator: Alexandru Sabo


can you trigger this if he is already exhausted? I wanna say no. 

I can't see why not. It doesn't exhaust as part of moving, and even mentions what to do when it is already at a story, where it likely had to exhaust to get there.

It's more if you have the domains, you can send this across all stories in a turn, adding it's skill and icons each time.


As far as I know, NuFenix has the right of it.


A few of these can provide some interesting flexibility in forcing your opponent to oppose you at several stories, and then concentrate yours in one place. 

If you use Jiang Shi's ability to join a story where you already have a lone Burden Bearer, the arrival of Jiang Shi would prevent you from triggering the Burden Bearer's ability, correct?  The way I read Burden Bearer's ability is that it doesn't matter that Burden Bearer committed to the story by himself; what matters is the Burden Bearer has to be alone when the Terror struggle was won.  It seems cut and dry, but the fact that Jiang Shi and Burden Bearer are from the same block makes me wonder if they're supposed to have synergy with each other.   

Dec 21 2017 08:40 PM

Burden Bearer:: Disrupt: After you win a Terror struggle at a story where Burden Bearer was committed alone, discard a success token from that story.


It's a tough question and unfortunately the Burden Bearer uses the past tense in its wording. If it said 'is committed alone' then having Jiang Shi come in would clearly disable its ability. But with 'was committed alone' there is an argument that the card is trying to have you remember the past - whether the orinial commit was solo - in deciding whether it applies.

But there is also a possibility that this is just misleading wording and that it effective means 'is', since the 'was' part could easily be refering to the state immediate before the struggle that this disrupt has trigger after.


You get a lot of confusion in Cthulhu from the fact that commited is both the past tense of commit 'was commited' and a state that cards may be in 'is commited'. Sometimes cards clearly mean one or the other but often the language on the cards is unclear, and either could fit.


Sadly I don't actually know the right answer. I think I would tend to the side of cancelling his ability - since I prefer only having to rember the state a few seconds ago than having to remember it a few minutes ago. Still, I would probably give ground to any vehement counter arguments.

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Thanks, RichardPlunkett.  Incidentally, Burden Bearer + King in Yellow Folio is nasty, if you can get around the BB's Loyal.  I'm committed to building a good Cthulhu/Hastur deck, so I can make use of Somnambulant Dreamer (one of my favorite cards).

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I am also working on a Cthulhu/Hastor  (Hastor[(T)=Success)]+Aziz Chtulkua) deck. King in Yellow clearly belongs in any such Hastur deck and Burden Bearer would appear to be the perfect late-game carrier but I can't see a way round the Loyal. It forces you to slew to Cthulhu and means you will be paying at least 4 for BB . Are there any cards that get round Loyal? ArchMage Attache doesn't.

Aurora Borealis? That skews green again though because of the steadfast.

Aurora Borealis doesn't get round Loyal either.

From The Depths avoids paying for characters so would work but you'd have to get lucky.

Strange that BB is a Loyal Independent. Knight of the Eclipse is the only other such.

Yeah, the Subtype doesn't help. I think the Loyal is a non-starter if you're not skewing green in your deck build.

I think the Loyal kills BB in anything but pure green. BB's ability is good when combined with King in Yellow Folio but you have to pay 4 for BB, and 2 for KYF . And Opponent can target the cost 2 KYF to eliminate the BB+KYF threat. Strange that there is no card giving you a way round Loyal.

You have to put it directly into play via Shocking Transformation, Twilight Gate, etc. I agree that BB with KYF is a little more than a pipe dream. It would be awesome the one or two times it works, but there are easier ways to win a game. Still, it's fun to dream.

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