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Dark Sarcophagus

Dark Sarcophagus

Dark Sarcophagus

Holder of Unearthly Remains
Type: Support Faction: Yog-Sothoth
Cost: 3
Game Text:
After Dark Sarcophagus leaves play, shuffle it into its owner's deck.
Action: Exhaust Dark Sarcophagus and pay X to choose an opponent. Reveal the top X cards of that opponent's deck, then discard all cards that cost X or more. All cards not discarded are added to his hand.
Set: NN
Number: 88
Illustrator: Lake Hurwitz


Is this card just awful version of
Blackmoor Estate (Core)
or am i missing something?
I don't think you are missing anything. It is just a very bad card.
Found some differences. It is not prevented by
Forgotten Shoggoth (AtMoM)
so it might be usefull in some really anty-mill meta to finish off the deck when you cant do it normally.
There are many support destruction that target only locations.
It is a relict so it interacts with some cards.
You cant have 6 estates.

Still not good, but might potentially be viable in right circumstances i guess...
Maybe if there was a card that really hurts players with too many cards in hand.
Candidate for Worst Card in the Game IMO.

Some day I may take on the challenge of designing a deck that makes this card seem to be worth a damn.

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So, I think the only way to make this card useful is in a mill deck. It does combo happily with Book of Eibon, minimizing the benefit of the extra draws you might be giving an opponent. Hermetic Text is another hostile attachment also good for milling, so I'd include Mystic Bounty Hunter to get the books back after your opponent has sacrificed characters in order to avoid the effects of their attached tomes. George Rogers not only helps find the tomes, he benefits from their presence. Here's how I'd put it together:


Unearthly Remains


Character: (30)
1x George Rogers (Words of Power)
1x Guardians of the Gate (The Sleeper Below)
3x Hermetic Scholar (Secrets of Arkham)
1x Sebastion Blake (Denizens of the Underworld)
1x Nyarlathotep (Journey to Unknown Kadath)
1x Nephren-Ka (The Sleeper Below)
3x Cultist of the Key (The Wailer Below)
1x Descendant of Eibon (The Terror of the Tides)
1x Nadine Eskiy (The Key and the Gate)
1x Mystic Bounty Hunter (Core Set)
3x Arcane Initiate (Core Set)
3x Son of Yeb (Core Set)
1x The Sleepwalker (The Antediluvian Dreams)
3x Nebulous Ooze (The Thing from the Shore)
3x Decrepit Wizard (The Key and the Gate)
3x Living Mummy (Core Set)

Support: (10)
3x Dark Sarcophagus (Never Night)
1x The Necronomicon: Theodorus Philetas Translation (The Unspeakable Pages)
3x Blackmoor Estate (Core Set)
2x Book of Eibon (The Horror Beneath the Surface)
1x Hermetic Text (The Gleaming Spiral)

Event: (10)
3x Eldritch Nexus (Core Set)
3x Curse of the Stone (The Wailer Below)
1x Gathering at the Stones (Core Set)
3x Ritual of Bellephar (Into Tartarus)

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Try it and let me know how it goes.  We might be trying too hard.  This is like trying to make lemonade out of battery acid.

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