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Taste of Lifeblood

Taste of Lifeblood

Taste of Lifeblood

Type: Event Faction: Shub-Niggurath
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Response: After a character is destroyed, refresh a domain.
Flavor Text: "Spilling the blood of an enemy of spilling your own blood, either way it is a source of untold power."
Set: SotM
Number: 121
Illustrator: Jonas Springborg


Since this costs 2, what is it's use?

Say a character is destroyed. I then drain a domain to play this card, which allows me to ... refresh a domain. I guess I could refresh a different domain with more than 2 resources, but is that all it's good for?
Either to refresh a bigger domain, or to refresh a domain that has different faction resources that you need.

For instance, say you have a ready domain with {Shub, Shub}. You've got an Event of another faction (say Hastur for instance), but you can't play it. You could play this card to refresh a {Shub,Hastur} domain and even though the number of resources is not greater the utility of it IS because now you can play a card you couldn't before.

Maybe use it in your own Operations phase. Use your big domain to play (for instance) Deep One Rising to destroy an enemy character. Then play this, re-open your big domain, and play something else powerful. Could be a sizable swing if it's set up right.

I wouldn't say it's a really strong card, but it has some uses and if you design around it it might let you include a higher proportion of high-cost cards knowing you will sometimes get double-use out of your big domains.
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With Slavering Gug (Core) it might be worth it, as you probably wont have more than 1 domain with 4 resources, and going 4-2 is not that hard, also kill will trigger this condition.

But still this card is not too good IMO.
OK, thanks!

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