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Dirk Sharpe

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Dirk Sharpe

Dirk Sharpe

Type: Character Faction: Silver Twilight
Cost: 3 Skill: 2 Icons: (C)(I)
Game Text:
Lodge. Criminal.
Action: Pay 2 to put Dirk Sharpe into play from your hand exhausted and committed to a story with 1 or more characters already committed.
Flavor Text: "If the Order needs it, I'm sure I can find it."
Set: TBJ
Number: 61
Illustrator: Francisco Rico Torres


Seems like Dirk is meant to be paired with Burden Bearer.

Seems like Dirk is meant to be paired with Burden Bearer.


I'm trying to puzzle this out. Since Dirk takes an action to jump into play, that has to be triggered before going to story resolution, right? Wouldn't that mean that Burden Bearer's ability won't trigger? Or does the wording on Burden Bearer only care whether Burden Bearer was the only character committed at the comitment step?

Ah, I see your point.  


The reason I think Dirk works with the Burden Bearer is the BB says "...where Burden Bearer WAS committed alone,..."  Why use the word "was?"  What would've happened in between the Terror Struggle and the Combat Struggle that would've removed the BB from the story?  I take it the "was" is referring to some past event such as the act of committing to the story.  For similar reasoning, I think Swimming in the Deep would combo well with BB.


Now, if it said "is" instead of "was," then I don't think Dirk (nor Swimming in the Deep) would combo well with the BB.  In that case, your best way to leverage the BB would be to either add Terror struggles, give him Toughness, or give him some Combat icons.  That's my interpretation, but I could be wrong.

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Mar 24 2017 01:05 AM

I agree it works. But I don't think that it working is enough, it doesn't seem to me to be an especially strong or obvious combo.

It has the potential to be a 4-token swing, so you never know. If nothing else, it means Dirk takes the wound, leaving BB to steal more tokens next turn. BB isn't a great card, but I think he's kind of fun.

I've tried to figure out why Dirk is unique. He's cool, but he's also pretty bad. Even non-unique, he wouldn't compete with Master of Myths.

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