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Disc of Itzamna

Disc of Itzamna

Disc of Itzamna

Protective Amulet
Type: Support Faction: Miskatonic University
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Attachment. Relic.
Attach to a character.
Attached character cannot be the target of triggered effects.
After Disc of Itzamna leaves play, shuffle it into its owner's deck.
Set: TBJ
Number: 57
Illustrator: Melissa Findley


(1.5) Choosing Targets
The word target is used to indicate that
an effect is directing a player to choose 1
or more cards for an effect to resolve on.
Not every effect that resolves on a card
is targeted. An effect that resolves on 1
or more cards without specifically using
the word “choose” is not a targeted

Also note that targetting Disc itself is not forbidden :)

Am I alone in thinking the Disc is just slightly over-priced?  If the Disc cost 1, or if it weren't unique, I'd love it.  I guess it's really only meant for a deck where you have one central character that you have to protect, like Naomi O'Bannion or Whitton Greene or someone like that.

Apr 27 2017 12:55 AM

Definitely a bit over-priced. It's just not good enough at its job to warrant spending 2 resources on, especially during crucial early rounds. It's failure to provide any protection to the wearer from non-targeted effects means that the guy you need to protect will often die anyway, costing you two cards in the process.

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