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Canopic Jar

Canopic Jar

Canopic Jar

Vessel of Souls
Type: Support Faction: Yog-Sothoth
Cost: 2
Game Text:
After Canopic jar leaves play shuffle it into its owner's deck.
Response: Exhaust Canopic Jar to attach a character just destroyed to it.
Response: Exhaust Canopic Jar and discard a card attached to it to trigger that card's ability without paying any cost.
Set: TSS
Number: 28
Illustrator: Carolina Eade


The second ability should be a passive
not a Response, and should read: “You
may Exhaust Canopic Jar and discard a
card attached to it to trigger that card’s
ability without paying any cost.”

I don't know how can you write response on this card... print error i guess.

(2.26) Sacrifice, Destroy, Discard
from Play
“Sacrifice”, “Destroy” and “Discard
from Play” are not interchangeable
terms. Thus, a card that is “destroyed”
is not considered to be “sacrificed,” and
vice versa.

The term for dying by getting wounded to much is destroy.
If I attach a character with a response ability, when can I trigger it? I´m mostly thinking of cards that do something when entering play.
I think that you still need to meet trigger condition with disrupts and responses. So character enters play condition is impossible to trigger. But you can post this question to FFG and post answer here, as im not 100% sure.

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