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The Large Man

The Large Man

The Large Man

Shorn But Patient
Type: Character Faction: Yog-Sothoth
Cost: 4 Skill: 3 Icons: (C)(A)(A)(I)
Game Text:
Forced Response: After a player succeeds at a story, he must discard 2 card from the top of his deck.
Action: Exhaust The Large Man to put the topmost event card in your discard pile into your hand.
Set: TSS
Number: 27
Illustrator: Tiziano Baracchi


The second ability should read: “Action:
Exhaust The Large Man to put the
topmost event card in your discard pile
into your hand. Limit once per phase.”

Makes interaction with:
An Offer You Can't Refuse (TOotST)
a bit less broken :)
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The built-in synergy between The Large Man's two abilities is what I love about this card.  So many times you'll pack some milling and then feel a need to pack some recursion, or vice versa.  With TLM, it all comes together in one nice tidy card.  Sure, the lack of protection makes him an easy target, but you'll probably be able to retrieve at least one event card from your discard pile before he dies, meaning you'll do no worse than break even.  The Investigation icon just feels like a bonus to me.


The lack of protection keeps TLM from being a 5/5, but the synergistic abilities and the Investigation icon make him a rock-solid 4 for me.

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