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Blind Submission

Blind Submission

Blind Submission

Type: Event Faction: Hastur
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Action: Choose a character with skill 2 or lower. Until the end of the phase, take control of that character.
Flavor Text: She learned too late that the imagination has a terrible force, one not always benign.
Set: Core
Number: 99
Illustrator: Chris Seaman


FAQ (1.9) [summary]
- !!! attachments do not change control
if char had Prize Pistol (IMoD) he can still shoot you and commit suicide :>
- move card to your side
- you're controller, but you're not owner
[after card leaves play (goes to discard/hand/etc) it goes to owners discard/etc]
- you cant take control if it violates Heroic vs Villainous rule
- with uniqueness as well, if you have one * character with given name u cant play/take next
- state of card (insane/exhausted) doesn't change
- if committed to story character changes side but remains committed
- if you take control of the card attached to a story you can reattach it
(not important here, but ill post it anyway for completeness of take control summary)
- you cannot play another copy of unique character if you own one in play, even if you don't control it

If I commit a character with skill 2 or lower to a story, and my opponenet takes control of it with blind submission in the story phase - is that character comitted to the story on his side, or is the character just in control on his side?



"if committed to story character changes side but remains committed"


ungh.. not the answer I wanted :)

Character control is something I've always found interesting in every game where it's an option, and in Cthulhu I think it is easy to forget about.


Whilst the control change is only temporary and limited to character skill (though not printed, which can expand the range), it can stop an opponent succeeding at a story, or even cause one of their characters to go insane, be wounded, and so forth.


Not a first pick for every Hastur deck, but one that can crop up in the right deck, and shock the opponent when it is used.

It's a fairly decent card I think.  It costs 2 but it's applicable nearly any turn so you don't fall into the problem of "wasting" a 2-domain by leaving it open for an event that may or may not meet its condition.


In general, you can use it to win struggles you would otherwise have lost and kill some enemies at the same time.  Or you can engineer it to lose Combat and have the borrowed character take the hit if that works out better.  It does require some estimation of how your opponent might commit to get the fullest effect out of it though, and it's skill-limited if you don't also have skill manipulation.  In a Hastur/Syndicate deck I could see this being quite strong for instance.

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