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Type: Event Faction: Hastur
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Action: Until the end of the phase, each character controlled by an opponent loses all of its printed T icons.
Set: Core
Number: 97
Illustrator: Rafal Hrynkiewicz


May 19 2015 09:02 PM
Hastur needs more of this. Too much insanity protection in terror icons.

What irks me the most is that a card like Scotophobia tackles the problem (mostly) from the wrong end: The rampant Willpower is much more annoying than Terror icons, since it's easier to get rid of opponent's icon than keywords (i.e.: Blanking). The results are Ancient Ones that get flipped for going insane, but the Criminal 1 drop next to his Pit Boss still won't budge.


Alas, the card is *pretty* old and wasn't really meant to deal with the omnipresent Willpower issue, I guess. Back in the days it was mostly preserved for some heroic individuals, nowadays everyone and his mother can get it (as long as you're with the "good" guys, that is^^), mostly without significant investment.

That aside, against Mythos-factions it's still nice or to get some combos off, I guess. Haven't dabbled to much into Hastur, though, to really put out a strong opinion on this specific card (besides the rant about "too much Willpower").

I nominated this for Card of the Day in part because I had put it into a Cthulhu-Hastur deck that I tried out for the first time tonight. Alas, every match was against a human-centric deck with little terror, so I never got to use this one. It turned out to be much more situational than Agoraphobia and Apeirophobia -- though certainly would be useful in conjunction with the former, at least.

Yup, that's the problem with this card: There's a good chance it'll be a dead card in your deck if you're facing only human factions. More recent cards with similar effects typically either give you a choice between effects or have a secondary effect that is always (somewhat) useful.

If you construct your deck with the card's situational-ness in mind, you could have it for controlling terror baddies, and vs. human factions use it with cards like Alternative Historian or Deciphered Reality to control other struggles. So that's a Hastur/MU deck (an archetype we know to be viable) and Hastur/ST...

I'm not that worried about it being a dead card as long as the total number of "conditional" cards in the deck is pretty small, that's what's so great about the resourcing mechanic in this game.  But yes, I do like the dual-use cards for Hastur.

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