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The Obscenity
Type: Character Faction: Shub-Niggurath
Cost: 4 Skill: 4 Icons: (T)(T)(C)(A)
Game Text:
Ancient One
Villainous. Invulnerability. Action: Pay 1 to choose and ready a character. That character must commit to the same story as Y'Golonac, if able.
Set: Core
Number: 122
Illustrator: Derk Venneman


If Y’Golonac (Core Set F122) which reads:
“... Action: Pay 1 to choose and ready a
character. That character must commit to
the same story as Y’Golonac, if able.” uses
his ability during the Story Phase after both
attackers and defenders have committed their
characters to stories, does the effect force the
targeted character to commit to the same story as
No. Y’Golonac’s ability does not create
an additional window through which
characters can be committed to stories.
If anything (including game effects)
prevents a player from fulfilling the
entire effect of an “if able” clause, that
effect is ignored.
Also, it is important to note that
Y’Golonac’s ability to ready a character
exists independently of his ability to
force characters to commit to the same
story as himself. Therefore, he is able to
target a ready character with this ability,
and even though the first part (ready a
character) does not resolve, the second
part of the effect does resolve as long as
there is nothing preventing them from
committing to the same story.

Also note thet his effect doesnt have any length stated, so it ends at the end of phase
[FAQ(1.7) Duration of Effects]
So if u use it in operations phase the character doesnt have to commit with Y'Golonac

If there is Binding worm in play does it force another character to commit with chosen, if i want noone to go to gollonacs story?

No. Y'Golonac is only targeting a single character. It cannot force a player to pay costs or meet other restrictions that would prevent the targeted card from committing, nor can it force the player to commit non-targeted cards. If the controller of Y'Golonac were to target two characters while Binding Worm were in play though both characters would be forced to commit to the same story as Y'Golonac.

Can I use his ability to just ready him if he's exhausted?
Yes, his ability can target himself.
Best Ancient One in the game? Certainly not the most powerful but arguably the best all-around. I might put Cthylla and Hydra in the running too.
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He is probably the most playable that is for sure. 4 cost for an Ancient One is so strong, since makes him immune to so many effects. 

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