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Itinerant Scholar

Itinerant Scholar

Itinerant Scholar

Type: Character Faction: Miskatonic University
Cost: 2 Skill: 1 Icons: (A)(A)
Game Text:
Action: Sacrifice Itinerant Scholar to move a drain token from one of your domains to an undrained domain.
Set: Core
Number: 30
Illustrator: John Gravato


Great idea, Zephyr.
One point though worth considering is noting in what FAQ version a card becomes restricted in as cards such as jeffrey farrington show precedence for cards leaving the restricted list.
I like the idea of freeing up your big domain while draining your opponents right after resourcing occurs.
The only Messenger in the LCG to date. Why, do you suppose, since there were a group of them in the CCG?
Cards from the Core set and Secrets of Arhkam are reprints from the various CCG expansions, which means its inclusion is a bit more random than the tightly focused deluxe sets later on. It seems FFG decided this was one subtype they didn't want to continue in the LCG format.
Did not know it was the only messenger. I did not play the CCG.

The only Messenger in the LCG to date. Why, do you suppose, since there were a group of them in the CCG?

In the CCG every faction got their own Messenger card with an identical ability. For the LCG, FFG was clever enough to realize, it's way more interesting to focus on what makes the different factions unique. I'm also quite sure they didn't want this kind of effect to be ubiquitous, especially, since the Yog version, the 'Teller of Tales' (see below) was part of the combo that won the last CCG championship (in conjunction with Ithaqua to recur the Teller, making sure the opponent couldn't play any cards anymore).
It's very frustrating to play against this kind of deck. I had that 'pleasure' myself: My opponent used the Shub Necronomicon with James Logan to achieve this. This combo was the reason why James Logan and the Scholar were both added to the restricted list and the Shub Necronomicon was nerfed.



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