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A Cunning Ruse

A Cunning Ruse

A Cunning Ruse

Type: Conspiracy Faction: Syndicate
Struggle Icons:
Game Text:
When a player succeeds at this conspiracy, he may place a success token at another story at which no characters are committed
Special Attribute: Steadfast - Syndicate x2
Set: DotU
Number: 37
Illustrator: Juan Martinez Pinilla


Am I reading this card right? No icon struggles? Hmmm.
So it just comes down to skill level?
Well, you might add a struggle or two with the right characters or supports. But the stakes are high: Each success (not a full win) at A Cunning Ruse is worth an additional token on another story. And no investigation struggle means it will probably stay on the table for more commitments than would otherwise be the case.

As I look at this card  now, it seems to be a terrific asset to any David Pan/Alternate Universe-style Syndicate skill-domination deck.

And add in little Jacob Finnegan, you can really have fun...

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But he would just make you score it faster, as it is succeeds, not places a success token. So with Jacob you would win it in 2 turns, otherwise it would be 3.

Ahh, I thought you placed the success token on another story instead of this one, not in addition to.

But still, three success tokens for one win, that ain't bad.


And it would still take three turns to win the story(?)...

2 tokens per turn, so he'd get it on the 3rd turn. Or do you mean that he would also get a token in the opponents turn?

Meh. There's better ways to put success tokens at other stories (although admittedly, they're almost all from the Miskatonic faction).

I don't get the point of this card. It seems like it's one good use is getting you the 5th token on a story that you couldn't otherwise get. That could be helpful, but it's an awfully narrow benefit to be packing in your deck. I guess if you're also running La Bella Luna and plenty of Day cards, maybe it looks more attractive.
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You can commit a high skill vulnerable character to Cunning Ruse more safely than the Story you are going for.l.

Also, by not comitting to the Story you want, you deny the oppoent the ability to defend at that story, so potentially gaining (I) striuggle success.

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